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You must receive the unlimited inheritance (of unlimited consciousness) from the unlimited GodFather.

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Sweet Children,

The name of GodFather is Shiv (Benefactor).

Deities-human beings with divine virtues are known as those with divine-pure intellect.

God lives in the supreme abode – soul world and there are deities in subtle world.

I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to give you knowledge.

Sanyasis read scriptures and later experience disinterest.

To know about the world cycle is to become trikaldarshi. I am the Creator, Director and the Principal Actor. I am known as Supreme Soul although my form is like any other soul (point of light) which is located at the centre of forehead.

I am the ocean of knowledge, have the knowledge of world cycle. I remain Blissful, I remove sorrows and give happiness.

I am the Seed of the world human tree.

Maya-vices gives you sorrow and I make you experience happiness.

GodFather is only One. I teach you RajaYoga at this time.

You souls are brothers and sisters amongst each other. Lust is known as fire which brings sorrow (due to body consciousness). You become pure by remembering GodFather (experiencing soul consciousness).
I teach you RajaYoga to make you kings of golden age.

If you follow My directions, you will come in golden age. Battles never happen in golden age where only one kingdom and one true religion exist.

I appear only once in the world cycle when the old world has to end, to bring in New world of golden age.

You souls appear in the body on earth and take maximum 84 births.

Being an actor on earth-world drama, you must know about the important Actor, Director and Creator.

God is only One for all souls. Sri Krishna is not considered as God by everyone.

I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to establish golden age.

Devotion ends in confluence age when God appears to give knowledge.

Purity-celibacy (of Sanyasis and others) is praised always. At this time people fall in lust-vices.

The destruction-transformation happens when the vices overcome all the goodness.

Since you have to return home-soul world at this final hours, you must remember the GodFather.

Soul world is the world of silence and golden age is the world of peace and happiness. You must remember both to come in golden age, and the world cycle repeats.

You must receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather.

Souls never undergo untimely death in golden age and hence they never experience suffering.

With this study you become god and goddess of golden age. The main effort is to become pure-virtuous in nature.

God never rules the world but you children. I take rest in soul world during golden age.

You have to perform selfless service like GodFather.

It is GodFather who is knowledge-full teaches you at this time and hence you have to become completely virtuous in nature.


Blessing: May you be a spiritual server who remain ever-ready in finishing and harmonizing sanskars.

Just as you remain constantly ever-ready for physical service and reach wherever you are called, in the same way, remain ever-ready in being able to imbibe any thought that you want. Whatever you think, do it at that moment. Spiritual serviceable children are ever-ready in fulfilling spiritual relationships and connections. They do not take time to finish or harmonise sanskars. As are the Father’s sanskars, your sanskars should be the same. To harmonise sanskars is the greatest dance of all.

Slogan: To experience and give others the experience of the royalty of purity is the sign of a royal soul.

Types of Soul consciousness / 3 stages of mind-soul:

1. Focus on external objects: By focusing on external objects or person, we reflect their nature which can be either positive or negative. By focusing on soul world and subtle world, we experience the qualities like peace, light, love.

2. Focus on inner self: By focusing on our natural qualities like peace, love, happiness, bliss, we become embodiment of those qualities (of subtle and soul world).This we experience most of the time when we lose ourself in doing service or spend time with our friends, when we look at children.
When we are careless,losing attention (on good natural nature) we are focused on unnatural or negative qualities of self.

3. Focus on all at the same time : This is the stage when we have a wide vision, broad-unlimited intellect where we see but we dont see, we hear but we dont hear.
With this unlimited awareness,we are not influenced or attracted to person or objects since we never focus on particular person or object.
Although this is known as disinterest, infact it is only disinterest from limitedness or individuality but it is interest in universe, in everything, expressing all qualities of soul for all at the same time.
It is losing of individuality,ego.
It is like consciousness of God, becoming God-like.
It keeps the soul in its purity remaining free from the dualities like happiness and sorrow.
It is the stage of detached observer remaining loving and detached towards every person and object.
It is of tranquil nature neither rejecting nor accepting.
It is like acting with the consciousness of present, past and future.
Actions remain neutral, neither good nor bad.
There is no waste or negative thoughts.
There is presence all the time.
It neither overcomes with emotions or desires nor feel tired.
It is the state of mind where all the help arrives from physical and subtle beings.
It is the state of dying alive, having an egoless ego.
It is the total surrender to God. It is the state of mind attained after a great longing for God's love.
It is when you are connected to the universal mind, not separated to anyone or anything at any point of time consciously (not physically).It is known as superconscious mind or supra mind power.
It is like there is no limited individual consciousness but combined (with God and souls) consciousness.
It is the experience of nirakari, nirvikari and nirahankari altogether.

This is experienced when you give up-let go after much effort when there is CONSTANT resistance or suffering or pain or noise or rejection or pressure or misunderstanding or non-acceptance or non-appreciation.

When people dont experience this state of mind, they become worried, tense, depressed and in extreme cases they become mentally retarded or become addicted to bad habits.

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