Saturday, 2 November 2013

Those who become victorious over maya by God's company remain constantly happy.

Wishing all the Victorious Jewels a very very Happy and Sweet Diwali! 
“Diwali ki dil se dher sari duae aur Mubarak”. Om shanti.

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03.11.13 (Avyakt murli dtd 19.5.1977)

Essence: The difference between having knowledge from souls and knowledge from the Supreme Soul

One is to listen, other is to understand knowledge, third is to become embodiment of it.

You must experience the elevated life based on this elevated knowledge, otherwise there is no difference between the knowledge given by souls and the knowledge given by the Supreme Soul.

The knowledge given by the Supreme Soul takes you to the climbing stage by giving the experience of every points of knowledge.

There are ones who listen, who understands and those who experience. You become powerful by the experience.

(The foundation of experience is to bring it into practice. Practice makes you powerful)

If you don’t have experience of any one point of knowledge, then you have not become an embodiment of experience of all attainments.

With the seven points of seven days course, find out if you have the experience of all the points of knowledge.

The One who has experience remains beyond any type of sorrow, deceit and  duality.

If sanskars of self, others, small and big obstacle of maya disturb you, then the foundation of experience is not strong.  If the foundation of experience is strong, you remain stable.

Those who are embodiments of experience are embodiment of all attainments. They see the maya’s obstacle  as the game of an innocent child, One who lacks experience see it as a great obstacle.

Some souls become childish and  ignorant of being knowledge-full and come under the influence of maya. Because they never feel combined with GodFather constantly.

It is said that if you are in the company of God, even the great force of warriors cannot affect you, they are seen as already dead. They never feel any difficulty.

Those who are not equal like GodFather find difficult to face the difficulties. Become one who remains in solitude, introvert and feel self complete in everything.

You must remain in experience of ocean of all attainments constantly not sometimes.

See the role of every soul being a detached observer not having questions of why and what. The great ones apply full stop, they never have questions.

Spending time in overcoming weakness is like trying to bathe in small pond instead of the ocean.

When you remain in the company of God constantly, maya will leave your company. Remain introvert, go deep into this experience and become powerful.

Do you experience the treasure of happiness constantly or you lose them often? The foundation of spiritual life is happiness, if you lose happiness by any ways stop that way. By attention, you retain happiness constantly. Make promise with yourself to remain in happiness at any circumstances.

Those who remain victorious over maya remain in happiness constanly.

Blessing: May you be equal and close and finish all your weight (bondages) by doing spiritual exercise.

Spiritual exercise means to be incorporeal one moment, to be an avyakt angel the next, then to be a corporeal karma yogi and then a world server. Do this exercise every day and the burden of waste will be finished. When the burden (weight) is finished, you will become double light like the Beloved and the couple will then look good. If the Beloved is light and the lover is overweight, the couple would not look good. The spiritual Beloved says to the lovers: Become equal to Me and be close to Me.

Slogan:  To spread the fragrance of divinity through the bouquet of your life is to be an embodiment of virtues.

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