Wednesday, 27 November 2013

You children-souls are brothers(and sisters) amongst each other,cannot be lustful amongst each other.

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Sweet Children,

When battle happens (at the end), there are people at both the ends who would remain safe and strong. You children remain stable looking at the destruction. There will be cries of pain everywhere, you children will be lost in the love for GodFather.

Ignorance cannot face the Sun of Knowledge – GodFather. You receive knowledge of truth at this time from GodFather.

At this time, even the soul of Sri Krishna receives knowledge from GodFather.

The soul of Sri Krishna takes maximum 84 births in every world cycle.

Body consciousness  makes people suffer. Being in soul conscious you can make a very good spiritual effort.

GodFather says, children get rid of body consciousness. Those who don’t remember GodFather, never remain in soul consciousness.

The bodiless GodFather, the Purifier teaches you at this time.

Not all souls appear in golden age, like GodFather.

Bharat is the eternal continent, birth place of GodFather. It is said, Bharat was heaven 3000years ago before Christ.

You become King of kings by this knowledge received from the GodFather.
Every soul, devotees have to understand God at the end.

There is lot of ignorance on earth at this time. Devotees, Saints make effort to attain God. You children are brothers (and sisters) amongst each other. You cannot be lustful amongst each other.

This world is the game of sorrow and happiness.

Those who have complete knowledge in their intellect can explain to others.


Blessing: May you be a knower of the philosophy of karma and keep your register flawless with the blessing of a divine intellect.

As soon as you take spiritual birth, each of you children receives the blessing of a divine intellect. Only when there is no effect of any problem, any company or any dictates of your own mind on your divine intellect can your register remain flawless. However, if your divine intellect does not work at the right time, the register then becomes stained. This is why it is said: The philosophy of karma is very deep. People of the world repent for their actions at every step but you children who are knowers of the philosophy of action can never repent for your actions. You would say, “Wah my elevated karma!, Wah!”

Slogan: With the deep inculcation of purity, you can experience supersensuous joy.

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