Tuesday, 12 November 2013

By saying everything is God, people have defamed GodFather.

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Sweet  Children,

People think that God gives direct inspiration, but God gives direction through the body of Adam-Brahma: Manmanabhav (rest the mind on God).

The highest God explains you children.

The heavenly New Man is Sri Krishna of golden age. God is the world almighty authority. The whole Bharat, the birth place of GodFather and Adam-Brahma is the eternal place of sacred pilgrimage throughout the world cycle.

The deity Shankar who becomes instrument in destruction-world transformation never appears on earth (He carryout his action being in subtle world).

The deity Vishnu appears on golden age in the form of Lakshmi and Narayan.

By saying everything is God, people have defamed GodFather.

Whatever things you have, to whosoever you belong, offer everything to Me (by intellect) and become a trustee, but it takes effort to remain in soul conscious. The most important vice is body consciousness. Unless you consider yourself as soul and remember GodFather, the bondage of sinful past actions are never removed.

Become more merciful to serve the souls of the world. You must become egoless and vice-less in nature.

You receive the inheritance of golden age through the GodFather.

The religious founders appear on earth to establish religion, they never transform the souls. All vices appear due to body consciousness. You have to make lot of spiritual effort. You must explain the praise of GodFather to others.

You children must have interest to do service, arrange exhibition on points of knowledge.

When you study well, your manners will also become elevated.


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