Friday, 8 November 2013

HELP PLEASE! Need 3 feet land and few hours of your valuable time.


Need 3 feet land and few hours of your valuable time
Chahiye...teen pehar ki prithvi....aur din me kuch samay

Nowadays people are affected by mental afflictions which is the major cause of physical illness.Even doctors agree that 90% of all diseases are psychosomatic-connected with mind. If we consider the past life issues, almost 100% of all diseases are connected with thoughts-emotions.

So, it will really benefit the mass if we can offer services like Psychology Counselling, Hypnotherapy and seven days course without expecting people to become a regular student. By this way we help people live a healthy life mentally and physically not spending much money on diseases which can be healed in a natural way.

Of course if they are interested, they can become a regular student otherwise they can read the online messages to keep them connected with spiritual knowledge.

The counselling can be free unless they need special attention for specific issues.

Going for a house or big space and regular maintenance may cost more even in terms of time from the students, but having a small clinic, it will cost less and at the same time more convenient to benefit many in our own small ways.

It is like a personal Clinic set up, where Doctors visit for one or two hours in the evening after their day's work.

Even we can have this set up either owned by a single person or 3 to 4 BKs can do it together sharing the cost and time.

The Name board can be like this:

RED CROSS - SYMBOL TO BE MENTIONED, to be in English and Regional language at Top and bottom

SIZE: LENGTH: 6 FEET AND 8 INCHES, WIDTH: 2 FEET or convenient size


Cure for Cancer,Diabetes,ENT, Migraine, BP, Liver, Heart and Kidney problems, Asthma, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Suicidal, OCD

Contact Phone and Address

This board can be provided even at their homes if there is no objection from other family members.

If any of the members have this set up already, kindly inform us, I will mention their address in my website and Brothers and sisters who can invest money but dont have time or they have only time to serve others, please let me know, I can update them in the website and post it in website, and share the link in facebook time to time.

Even Non-Bks and others who want to help people can asked to invest in such services, the profit will not be shared with anyone else but will go to them only, even if there is no profit, it will boost their morale doing such selfless service.

By posting in website, people who are interested can reach their nearest available Clinic.

If training required, I can give training for Counselling within a day or two, even otherwise Baba's knowledge is more than sufficient.

You can contact me at or sharing your ideas and interest to invest money or time.

Please visit the link to know about the small step taken long time before:

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