Thursday, 14 November 2013

You benefit by becoming soul conscious from the entanglement of body consciousness.

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Sweet  Children,

People go to different temples and call deities as mother and father. But GodFather is the mother and father of every soul.

By body consciousness, you come into familiarity and all vices follow. At this time,no one has become completely soul conscious.

GodFather feels good if you become philanthropist – businessmen sharing this treasures of knowledge with others, being a child of the Murlidhar.

Always know that you receive this Godly direction from God Himself who appears in the body of Adam-Brahma.

Day by day, the service will become easy. By sharing knowledge with relatives, you show them the right path. Charity begins at home.

You children keep falling down from golden age according to the pre-destined world drama.

You benefit by becoming soul conscious from the entanglement of body consciousness.

You have to benefit even the sages and saints. People should know about GodFather before it becomes too late at the end.

By knowledge you transform to a diamond, you children have to become  a great benefactor, you become a trustee for health, wealth and mind being a trustee (by offering everything to GodFather by intellect).

Even the good souls will leave the body but you must not lose your happiness, you never miss this study at any cost.

When you become merciful, when you share the treasures of knowledge, you will be loved by GodFather.

You must speak to the GodFather very sweetly and remember Him constantly.


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