Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christ established christianity by the direction of GodFather,not Jesus who got crucified.

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Sweet Children,

You celebrate the birth of Gita first, then you celebrate birth of Sri Krishna. Hence,It is the GodFather who has spoken the Gita,not Sri Krishna.

Sri Krishna is the first prince of Golden age, attain such an elevated status by learning RajaYoga through the Gita spoken by GodFather.

Sri Krishna is not Trilokinath (master of physical, subtle and causal world), Trikaldarshi (one who knows about the world Cycle) but GodFather, the one who gives knowledge of three worlds and world cycle to you children.

Sri Krishna is praised as completely virtuous compared to the moon (which undergoes change). God is compared to the Sun (which always remain same).

God appears on earth to give knowledge to you children. God creates you children by appearing in the body of Adam-Brahma.

It is the body conscious maya calls out for GodFather.

When you get liberated from maya-influence of body conscious, you don’t remember this elevated knowledge (in golden and silver ages).

Very few soul takes complete 84births in this 5000 world cycle.

When every scripture cannot prove truth, becomes wrong, then the God appears to speak the Truth.

You children are brothers and sisters amongst each other.

You must explain to the people who come to the temple and also to those who come to the graveyard where people experience disinterest.

No one knows why God is known as the mother and Father.

Like God is the Creator, Adam-Brahma can also be called as creator. It is GodFather who creates – adopts you children through Adam-Brahma by giving this knowledge of the world cycle.

There is devotion for 2500 years, then there is knowledge for 2500years.

The soul who is pure, who appears first time on earth, they need not have to experience pain on earth. In fact Jesus  was crucified on the cross not Christ who established Christianism. The religions are established by the messengers who remain free from bondages (karmateet). The messengers keep a white flag to establish peace, messengers are not hurt even in physical world. Hence the messenger-Christ is not crucified but Jesus.

Soul cannot be called as stainless. The karmic stains appear on soul.

The pure soul of Christ established religion by the direction of GodFather, according to the world drama.

Even Krishna cannot be blamed for anything but Adam-Brahma. God is never blamed for anything, but Adam-Brahma through whom knowledge is given.

There must be purity and honesty within to make others realize the truth. One who is vicious cannot prove the truth.

There are many who never understands the truth shared by GodFather. You must share this knowledge with others to make God happy. You serve the residents of Bharat by your thoughts, words and actions.

You attain elevated status according to the service you do.

It is due to body consciousness, you never serve others. You have to reveal the truth (of mistakes) to GodFather. People become ashamed, if they fail in the exam of this spiritual effort, at the end.

This spiritual birth of you children is the most elevated birth at this confluence age.


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