Wednesday, 20 November 2013

With love for GodFather you receive a current from the Father to enjoy lift of support in actions.

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Sweet Children,

People call God as mother and father. God resides in soul world, where all souls live. Souls appear on earth, come from soul world, play different roles, take maximum 84births in one world cycle.

When many religions appear, it becomes the world of Ravan-vices. Then God appears to establish one religion and one government of deities (virtuous human beings) like 5000years before, when only one King and Queen rule the world.

People keep wandering because of various gods. God is only One and appears on earth only once in the world cycle.

Bharat – India has become poor now from being wealthy.

Only bodiless, Supreme Soul Supreme Father, who never takes birth, is God, not Sri Krishna who is the first prince of golden age.

Devotees worship god with lot of devotion and accordingly I give them visions of deities although they don’t see Me.

Souls have become orphans by taking birth after birth.

When you donate, you become rich in next birth. The more you make spiritual effort, that much elevated you become in golden age, you are taught to do elevated actions at this time.

In golden age and silver age, you reap the reward of spiritual effort of this confluence age, for 21births.

The world cycle is of only 5000years.

Like soul of dead person appears, GodFather appears in the body of Adam-Brahma (Sri Krishna of golden age) and gives you this spiritual knowledge.

It is not that soul of dead person appears in someone’s body but GodFather gives the feeling of that soul to make others happy.

Every soul has to go through the stages of sato, tamo and rajo.

If you can remember GodFather, even being at home, you can attain a very elevated status.

I establish the world almighty deity government. All the partitions of the world will disappear. The sapling of deities (virtuous human beings) are planted at this time, they remain very sweet.

If you follow the Godly direction and become pure, you receive the inheritance from Me. You become pure only through the remembrance of GodFather.

Salam alaikkum to the sweet children of mother and father.

Second Murli: To remain constantly alert not careless

Those who play special hero roles have constant attention over their actions constantly. They remain alert constantly, never become careless at anytime.

Those who make fast spiritual effort reach the destination (of Sun dynasty) at the right time by finishing all ordinariness of thoughts, words and actions.

Let every action, every step, every second, every thought be elevated for you special actors since even 5 minutes of this confluence age is equal to 5years.

You are aware of the slogan- If not now, never.

Check yourself, you don’t become ordinary-careless during the course of action. Let there be fast spiritual effort and attain success with little effort and time.


Blessing: May you have imperishable love and experience the flying stage through the lift of love.

In order to be liberated from labouring, be loving to the Father. This imperishable love becomes an imperishable lift and gives the experience of the flying stage. However, if there is carelessness in your love, you cannot receive a current from the Father and the lift will therefore not work. Just as when there is no light (electricity) and the connection is broken, you cannot experience the comfort of the lift, in the same way, when there is very little love, there is the experience of having to labour. Therefore become one who has imperishable love.

Slogan: Continue to fly at a fast speed with the vehicle of your pure thoughts and a divine intellect.

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