Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I even liberate the saints and sages by this knowledge as mentioned in Gita.

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Here God, the incorporeal-bodiless One speaks to you. You had been listening to the physical ones like saints and sages.

People go on pilgrimages to do worship physical images in devotion. Now, God Father says, Hey children, now let the intellect remember Me alone.

The unlimited GodFather takes you to the world of silence and to the world of happiness (golden age), the memorial is shown that sri Krishna’s father takes him across the storm and rain water.

Now, you have the sanskar of making spiritual effort here. You will have only the sanskar of reward (soul consciousness) in golden age.

You remain in pilgrimage of God’s remembrance by which you become happy.

In devotion, the worship begins at home and later, temples were built, then images and scriptures are created.

You will have visions of golden age during destruction and you will also have visions of stages what you are going to attain in future.

The more you make spiritual effort (remember GodFather) and do service (share knowledge), study and imbibe divine virtues, that much you attain an elevated status in future.

It is your duty to explain others about this spiritual pilgrimage.

I even liberate the saints and sages by this knowledge as mentioned in Gita.

By not knowing God people become vicious, and by knowing about Him, you souls become virtuous.

Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind.
GodFather explains you a lot but the most important is Yog – remembrance of GodFather.

Give introduction of GodFather and the inheritance to every one.  If you remember GodFather, you will rule the world and win over the maya (vices and obstacles).

By doing service, you will be loved by the GodFather a lot. The spiritual pilgrimage is Manmanabhav – By remembering Me, you will come to Me, you will become victorious over all negative-sinful actions.


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