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At amritvela,feel powerful stage with elevated thoughts and maintain it,to remember God naturally, all the day.

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24-11-2013 (Avyakt Murli dated 27.5.77)

Essence: At amrit vela, set a timetable for your body and a powerful stage for your mind.

You children keep dancing by praising the virtues of GodFather.

GodFather goes to all children during early morning hours of Amritvela.

GodFather sees the chart of Position (of remembrance) and Opposition (by Maya-vices due to body consciousness) amongst children:

1) The opposition of maya becomes the form of obstacles due to the lack of attention throughout the day.
2) The another reason is, you get influenced by the waste thoughts by falling short of accumulation of elevated thoughts.
3) Third reason is even the small issues takes lot of time to get rid of. GodFather explains you various methods to overcome obstacles but you never remember them due to fear of situations.
4) The old (negative – due to body consiousness) habits - attitudes and sanskars which you don’t want to have, you get influenced by them because the eternal and original sanskars are never experienced and hence find difficult to overcome those habits.

Godfather feels mercy by looking at these battles of children. The main reason for the mind and body to become tired is the waste thoughts, which happens by not knowing to set up the daily routine.

Set the routine of mind for the day, like you plan for the physical body:

11)    Like Early morning hour is set for remembrance of GodFather, maintain a powerful stage of mind throughout the day. Powerful stage means, the stage like GodFather.

Because you don’t set the stage of mind during amritvela, it affects the full day in the stage of remembrance of God.

22)    Next, when you listen to the knowledge, become the embodiment of experience while listening. The knowledge-full souls must hear becoming the embodiment of points of knowledge.

Although you become happy with the knowledge, you need the practice to imbibe-experience them while listening.

Although you hear soul is without body-incorporeal, you must imbibe the incorporeal stage while listening. When you hear about soul world or golden age, you have to become that while listening. With this, there will be accumulation of pure thoughts and when you churn this again and again, you will become free from waste thoughts very easily.

When your mind is free, you invoke the waste thoughts by yourself.

So set right the time of Amritvela and the stage while listening to murli. Rest will be explained later.

Remembrance and Namaste.

You have the aim of carrying out the race of moving forward by sharing the knowledge of GodFather.

What is the difference between the No.1 victorious jewel and the 108. There is difference in main virtue and marks obtained in all virtues which make them reach the different grades.

The main subtle difference of great effort maker between 1 and 108, even in their worship, there are differences, even the weakness is seen as special, based on that, numbers are created amongst them.

The most important is the kingdom over self and then later to rule the external kingdom. The residents of delhi have to create new-special service since it is the capital of kingdom-golden age.

The port of delhi must become strong with everyone’s co-operation by the service of mind. If the thought is powerful, the result-success in service will be special-creative.

Double stage – the stage of self and the situation are to be powerful to attain success. Let there be success in the intellect of everyone, Keep the slogan: “Success is your birthright” in your mind.

You have received the blessing to remain complete constantly because of cooperating at the right time, in service.

The elevated stage, fast spiritual practice-effort is to have remembrance of GodFather in every second, every breath. Let the remembrance come naturally, not by effort. This is the effort of Maharathis. The more you move forward, ordinariness will disappear, you will imbibe greatness.


Blessing:          May you be a destroyer of obstacles who imbibes the knowledge of the three aspects of time and the three worlds and thereby becomes wise.

Those who are knowledgeable about the three aspects of time and the three worlds are said to be wise, that is, Ganesh. Ganesh means one who is a destroyer of obstacles. Such a soul cannot be an obstacle under any circumstances. If someone becomes the cause of any obstacle, you become a destroyer of obstacles, because the obstacles will finish by becoming this. A soul who is a destroyer of obstacles will also transform the atmosphere and not speak about it.

Slogan:    To give the experience of the good manners of truth through your face and your behavior is greatness.

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