Friday, 15 November 2013

You are deceived only by body consciousness.Remember GodFather constantly to settle the karmic bondages.

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Sweet  Children,

Here, GodFather gives introduction about Himeself, vices-maya had made the intellect completely dead.

In devotion, all religious followers remember the GodFather, the father of all souls. Even all physical fathers remember the GodFather.

Now, it is iron age and certainly this iron age has to be destroyed-transformed to bring golden age by your spiritual effort of remembering the GodFather.

In golden age, you don’t remember about GodFather and other ages. No vice exists there, you remain completely virtuous. Vices come into existence only from copper age.

Maya deceives you if you are not careful. GodFather gives only happiness to everyone.

People spend a lot for marriage, only to experience sorrow.

Maya hurts you in the form of lust, attachment, you get hurt due to body consciousness. If you don’t remember GodFather constantly, you will be influenced by maya to perform wrong actions by various means.

The residents of Bharat-India undergo the stages of sato, rajo and tamo.

The preparation for the destruction are being carried out (by the scientists). You must explain to them about GodFather through images.

You must do spiritual effort on Godly directions completely, to become elevated and to avoid repenting at the end.

People make offering in a very limited way to accumulate benefit for next birth. But you accumulate for 21births by sharing God’s knowledge with others.

God appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to share knowledge with you children and take every soul back home (soul world).

Now, you have played the role of 84births and hence it’s time to go back to the soul world.

I am the Creator, Supreme Soul, Knowledge-full, Almighty authority and even an Actor. I come in every world cycle to play my role.

Like you are a tiny point of star smaller than a mosquito, I am also a tiny point of star.

In devotion also people remember Me alone, to get rid of sorrows. I am the Guide to take all you souls back home (soul world).

I make you the masters of the world but only I keep the key for the divine visions.

There are many souls who make effort to get entangled in body consciousness-sorrows, forsake GodFather but others make spiritual effort to become elevated.

I show mercy on you children by this study and hence you become happy for 21births.

Now, it is time to return home, You must rest your mind on Me alone – Manmanabhav, you must become soul consciousness, follow Godly direction.

Wherever you go, remember GodFather to settle the karmic bondages. You have played different roles on earth and will repeat the same in every world cycle. This is known as wonder.


Blessing: May you be complete, the same as the Father by making every virtue and
power your form.

Children who are to become complete, the same as the Father are constantly embodiments of remembrance and embodiments of all virtues and all powers. To be an embodiment means that becomes your form; virtues and powers are not separate from you, but are merged in your form. Just as weak sanskars and defects have become your form over a long period of time, and you don’t have to make effort to imbibe those, in the same way, every virtue and every power should become your natural form. You should not have to make effort even to remember, but when you remain absorbed in remembrance, you would then be said to be the same as the Father.

Slogan: The word “Baba” (GodFather) is the key to all treasures: constantly look after this key carefully.

Why we have to avoid or remain neutral-tranquil with lust,anger,greed,desire,attachment and ego?

Karmas are the derivatives of karman particles. Karman particles are
non-living matter scattered all around us and all over the universe.
They are very fine particles that cannot be seen even with a
microscope. A cluster of innumerable karman particles is called Karman
Vargana. When you act with passions like attachment, anger, greed,
ego, or deceitfulness, Karman Varganas are attracted towards your soul.
Karman Varganas that are attached to your soul are called karmas.

At the time of bondage of karmas to the soul, four characteristics of
karmas are decided. They are:

1) Prakriti (nature).
2) Pradesh (quantity).
3) Sthiti (duration).
4) Anubhag (intensity).

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