Thursday, 28 November 2013

Always remember that you are moving forward becoming virtuous day by day.

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Sweet Children,

GodFather and Sri Krishna were defamed in scriptures along with praise,  infact only Adam-Brahma of iron age receives the insult not GodFather or Krishna.

The battle between pandav and Kaurav are the memorial of battle against inner vices.

It is God who has spoken Gita not Sri Krishna. It is God who wants souls to get rid of all types of body consciousness and remember GodFather. Sri Krishna is a virtuous human being of golden age.

Various religions will be removed and only one religion will be established in golden and silver ages which is being established by God Himself at this time.

God is the Liberator and Guide who takes every soul back home like the swarm of mosquitoes.

Sri Krishna is not called as the Mother and the Father but God alone.

Supreme GodFather and Sri Krishna have different roles to play. Sri Krishna takes birth not GodFather.

By not knowing GodFather, human beings have become like an orphan.

GodFather says, remember Me and receive the unlimited inheritance of heaven in just a second.

By knowing the world cycle, you become resident of heaven-golden age.
I even liberate the saints and rishis. Father shows son. Sri Krishna is not known as the Father but God.

You belong to Me and hence you must have lot of intoxication and your features should be very royal.

Souls are children of God and you receive knowledge from GodFather at this time.

Even King Janak had understood God and go in trance.

Souls come from Paramdham (Supreme abode-Causal world) and play different roles.

There is physical pilgrimage and spiritual pilgrimage. By remembering Me, the spiritual GodFather, you will attain elevated status at the end.

The spiritual pilgrimage is to remember the liberation (soul world) and liberation in life (golden and silver ages), taught by GodFather. The more you remember that much happiness you receive.


2nd Murli:

You should always remember that you are moving forward becoming virtuous day by day.

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