Friday, 8 November 2013

Those who are aware of God and soul imbibe virtues,knowledge and remain stable in pain.

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Sweet Children,

You sit in remembrance of God, invoke GodFather while listening to this knowledge. Maya makes you remember the bodily beings and food.

By remembrance the sinful actions are removed.It is very easy but Maya (of present) and sinful actions (of past ) create obstacles.

By remembrance of GodFather, you get rid of sinful (body conscious) actions and you will also receive inheritance of heaven-golden age.

The religious founders and prophets are not known as Messengers since they also forget about GodFather when they play their roles on earth. Only God comes and introduce Himself to you children.

The only way to become pure-virtuous is to forget the body and bodily relations.

Those who follow the direction of remembering GodFather attain elevated status. You also have to imbibe divine virtues. You undergo suffering because you don’t have the awareness of GodFather. Be aware of the world cycle.

You know about Me and about the world cycle through Me.

You also have to become merciful, show the right path to everyone and become benefactor. Find ways to bring the relatives on right pilgrimage of remembrance.

No one else has the right spiritual knowledge, Scriptures are the philosophies but this is the spiritual knowledge for the souls to take them back Home (soul world).

Become merciful towards self and become soul conscious. Keep a chart for yourself to check how much you remember GodFather, when and how you remember the GodFather throughout the day.

Check yourself, if you are eligible to marry the King and Queen of golden age. Even the businessmen keep the chart-accounts everyday.

Find out how long you explain to others, how long you remain in remembrance of GodFather, by this you will benefit much.

Even the disabled, blind, dumb anyone can attain elevated status by remembrance of GodFather. You have to receive your birthright from the GodFather.

Everything depends upon the spiritual effort, you battle against the maya-vices.

I belong to those who belong to Me, You must benefit each other.

People cry in sorrows-difficulties, but you children remain in awareness of GodFather, being detached from situations.

God is the Ocean of love, knowledge, bliss.It is the love of unlimited Mother and Father. By knowing Me, you will know about everything. I only teach you about the complete world cycle, none others.

Those who never become soul conscious cannot imbibe virtues, you have been body conscious throughout the world cycle.

Manmanabhav and Madhyajibhav – Remember God and the Inheritance.

God’s praise is unlimited, whatever you have seen by divine visions  (golden age and destruction) will happen in practical.

By spiritual effort, you will experience happiness, become stable and will not cry over the situations.


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