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The past history has to repeat in future,you need a refined intellect to understand this.

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Sweet Children,

At this time people have become irreligious, sinful and sorrowful, hence GodFather had to appear on earth to speak Gita and establish religion.

Souls do not have a body but take body on earth. Similarly GodFather also had to take help of the body of Adam-Brahma to share knowledge with people of earth.

Sri Krishna takes birth through the womb of a mother, I never take birth but appear in the body of Adam-Brahma (at this iron age), who was Sri Krishna in the golden age.

I give liberation in life (golden age) to souls via liberation (soul world). You can receive liberation in life within a second through GodFather not by saints and sages.

People say Jai Bharat! – in fact, Bharat becomes victorious when it regains the kingdom of golden age.

The Highest GodFather says, I don’t have mother and father, I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma.

Scriptures (epics) are made based on the deities of golden and silver ages.

The past history has to repeat in future, you need a refined intellect to understand this.

You children have to give introduction of GodFather to everyone.

Supreme Soul Supreme Father is the Highest on High. People celebrate His birthday, God appears only once in every world cycle.
In golden age, Bharat was completely viceless, even child takes birth by the power of yoga. Souls leave one body and take another by themselves and hence they never undergo suffering.

Souls take rebirths according to the predestined world drama. GodFather appears in the vicious world to make the souls virtuous. Bharat is the eternal continent -  spiritual pilgrimage for all souls since God takes birth only in Bharat-India.

Everything depends upon individual’s spiritual effort.

Even in devotion, I give the reward to the devotees. People insure with God by offering body, mind and wealth to receive unlimited inheritance of ever healthy and wealthy.

Every soul has to return back home – soul world. When you do service, you receive elevated status in return.

Yours is the spiritual social work unlike the physical social work, you become a guide for spiritual pilgrimage (you introduce people to the subtle and social world).

After the great battle and destruction of old world, you few souls will rule the new world of golden age.

Now, it’s time to return home – soul world, by leaving the body. Then souls come back to play their different roles.

Those who become a fragrant flower (virtuous) come in golden age.

It is only One GodFather who gives liberation to all souls, even to the saints and sages.

In golden age, vices never exist. Now people have become completely vicious in nature. Every soul go through the stages of Sato, rajo and tamo at their own time.

Every soul takes birth and rebirth but I never take birth. I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma. This sweet fragrance (Kasturi) of knowledge keeps spreading everywhere.


Blessing: May you be one elevated soul out of multimillions who sacrifices yourself to
the Flame like a moth.

Out of the whole world, we are a handful out of multimillions and a few of the handful of elevated souls who have experienced for ourselves and realised that we are the same elevated souls of the previous cycle who sacrificed ourselves to the Father, the Flame. We are not those who simply circle around, but those who sacrifice ourselves like moths. To sacrifice oneself means to die. You are those moths who burn and die, are you not? To burn is to belong to the Father; to burn means to have complete transformation.

Slogan: To stay in the pleasure of celebrating a meeting with Baba and having all attainments is the speciality of the confluence age.

The stages of spiritual effort

1. Mind gets influenced by objects and people by seeing self as a body - physical being. Undergoes pain and suffering due to attachment,limited awareness and limited love.

2. Mind receives the knowledge through God that I am a soul with original qualities of purity,peace,love,knowledge,powers and bliss, not body

God gives instruction to remember Him to become like Him emerging all natural qualities to become unlimited from limited consciousness.

3. Mind understands the difference of body conscious-egoistic(I, me and mine)-limited and soul conscious-egoless-unlimited thoughts,feelings and actions.

4. There is battle between soul consciousness and body consciousness because most of the actions in the world cannot be performed without the awareness of ego-physical objects. And there is always attractions and influences by people and objects which makes the mind body-physical-ego conscious.

5. The freedom-egolessness is experienced when the mind becomes free from all physical objects and attachments by remembering the non physical God, non-physical soul world and non-physical subtle world.(nirahankari and nirvikaari) - experience of Love,bliss,happiness,purity,knowledge, unlimited love - soul consciousness without ego.

There is also the experience of deep silence in soul world being aware of point of light (nirakari).

6. The soul consciousness (with subtle ego) is also experienced by the unlimited awareness which is experienced when the mind becomes silent and experience the physical objects free from waste thoughts or past unwanted thoughts. This is also known as being in present moments, concentrated on the actions what we perform. (nirakari) - experience of Peace,Law,being detached,powerful,purity,knowledge

7. With constant attention and balance on 6 (while doing action) and 5 (when intellect is free from action although mind is involved in action), we remain free from the unwanted influence of physical objects and people, at our own will.

8.The blessings what we accumulate by doing selfless service helps in making fast spiritual effort.Then the soul regains its natural original qualities.

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