Sunday, 17 November 2013

remembrance of bodily beings make the soul vicious and remembrance of God makes soul virtuous.

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Sweet Children,

Your intellect must become unlimited in this spiritual effort. The mother of all scriptures is this Gita, spoken by GodFather.

You make people understand about Golden age and Silver age, copper and iron age.At the end of world cycle, every soul goes to the soul world.

By imbibing virtues and knowledge, you can do a better service of transforming human beings in to deities – virtuous human beings.

The incorporeal, bodiless GodFather had to appear on earth certainly, to transform the souls and world.

It is God who teaches RajaYoga at this time.

In golden age, the nature, elements remain pleasant and pure. Every soul remains liberated in golden age, vices never exist there. They don’t even have knowledge of world cycle. In iron age, all souls remain in bondages.

God is known as the One who liberates all souls.

Soul is a point of light and the Supreme Soul is also a point of light.

The more you remain in soul conscious, that much you can imbibe divine virtues and do good service.

God makes you virtuous at this time, many would become pure at the end but everyone never imbibes all virtues.

In this spiritual effort, you must become very sweet in nature. You become sweet if you have yoga with Supreme GodFather. You have to remember GodFather being in household.

The remembrance of relations and bodily beings make the soul impure, ugly. If you remember GodFather, you become pure. If you don’t remember GodFather you come into body consciousness and other vices like lust, anger follows.

Here too you have various subjects like other studies, the most important is the subject of remembrance where all the sinful actions are removed, then there is study.

No one knows that world cycle is of 5000years and each age is of 1250 years.

The Creation and destruction – transformation are carried out by GodFather not by Sri Krishna,the first Prince of golden age.

Sri Krishna receives inheritance from GodFather. GodFather gives knowledge-inheritance to all souls through Adam-Brahma and Adam-Brahma becomes Sri Krishna in golden age.

You children receive liberation in life from GodFather and hence you have to remember GodFather and the inheritance of golden age.


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