Thursday, 21 November 2013

Knowledge means introduction-knowledge of God. Ignorance means ignorance about God.

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Sweet Children,

You children must light the soul of each other, show the path of liberation to souls. God comes to serve the children, liberate souls from sorrows.

God is Merciful. People never know that they are in sorrows. They never know about God who gives happiness and remove sorrows. This is predestined in the world drama.

Saying God gives sorrow is like defaming Him. God says, I give only happiness to the children. God comes to transform the souls from vicious to virtuous, take every soul to the sweet home where only pure soul exists.

Even great souls never go back to soul world, take rebirths on earth undergoing stages of sato, rajo and tamo, and hence everyone remembers God to take them back home – soul world.

There are many obstacles in transforming vicious souls into virtuous. God relieves you from all vicious nature, you have to just remember GodFather.

Even Sanaysis, great saints, religious founders never take the souls back home – soul world. Although there are various religions, people find hard for liberation. Only God takes you to golden age to live a life of liberated in life.

There are various types of storms-obstacles due to vices-Maya. You take God’s guidance to overcome the obstacles. The most important storm is body consciousness. People see body as eternal, they never see soul as eternal. It is the soul which leaves one body and takes another.

Yours is the final birth, you must never again take birth in this vicious world nor give birth to any soul in this vicious world. There is no need to populate this vicious world. You must see yourself as soul not body. In golden age, every one remains in soul conscious, they are aware of leaving one body and take another, and hence they never experience sorrows.

Souls have to leave one body and take another,sinful actions keep accumulating in iron age because every action is vicious in this iron age (due to body conscious) unlike in golden age.

People create bombs to do trials and destroy the world due to love for the land. You receive power, you receive kingdom by the power of yoga – remembrance of GodFather. Remember Me and get rid of body consciousness.

If you know yourself as soul, you can remember the GodFather, the Supreme Soul. You must not remember the bodily beings, you have to become soul conscious (see everyone as soul not to see the body).

By remembrance of GodFather, sinful actions are removed-absolved. You must remember the liberation-soul world and liberation in life – golden age.

Here, you have to just leave the body consciousness and become soul conscious, the play of this world drama comes to an end. At the end of drama, every actor knows that they have to change the costumes and go back.

Knowledge means introduction-knowledge of God. Ignorance means ignorance about God.

You have to go from this world of death to the immortal world of golden age. You have come to GodFather unlimited times, once in every world cycle. God is the Ocean of knowledge, Supreme Soul, One who transforms the vicious into virtuous.

The father of souls is Supreme Soul Supreme Father.

By knowing the One through the One, you become happy for Twenty One births.

God is not omnipresent, it is the ghost of vices, Ravan that is omnipresent.

Now you go in the lap of GodFather, later you go in the lap of deities. You have to benefit self and others by giving the knowledge of bodiless-incorporeal soul and bodiless-incorporeal Supreme Soul.

God never takes birth but reincarnates once in every world cycle in the body of Adam-Brahma, who transforms from ugly into beautiful. Bharat also becomes beautiful golden age from ugly iron age of ignorance.

God has to make effort to transform the residents of Bharat into virtuous. You receive the unlimited intellect, you know that the residents of Bharat get converted into different religions and settle in different continents.

Those who have loving intellect towards GodFather become victorious. God never takes birth, God has a name and form like every soul is a point of light, God is not omnipresent.

You have to remember GodFather during early morning hours, have to make effort in this.


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