Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Scriptures are created by human beings. Now, the bodiless GodFather gives you this knowledge.

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Sweet  Children,

People of the world never understand how this world and relations are false. People undergo suffering at this time. GodFather comes and shows the right path to you children.

Souls become pure-satopradhan at the end (of 5000years world cycle).

You have to remember Me. There is nothing like inspiration here, I come personally on earth to teach you children and you have to follow My directions.

People bring message through trance still it gets mixed up (by the thoughts of the mind). There are many who says Baba and Mamma appears but they are the appearance of Maya. Only sensible children can understand these.

Those who follow the direction of GodFather will be content wherever Baba sends, they never come under the influence of people.

In golden age, vices never exist.

Scriptures are created by human beings. Now, the bodiless GodFather gives you this knowledge.

It is said that all religious founders are sent by GodFather but GodFather appears on earth on His own. I come to remove sorrows.

GodFather gives inheritance to the residents of Bharat – India.

After birth-appearance of bodiless GodFather Shiv, there is birth of Radhe and Krishna (golden age), then there is birth of Ram and Sita (silver age).

Soul and Supreme soul do not have a physical body.

God never appears in golden age but at the end of iron age to create golden age.

Now, three religions: of you children, golden and silver ages, are established at this time.

The more you make spiritual effort and serve others, that much elevated effort you attain.

Along with body, every objects will be destroyed at the end, you will have visions of sinful actions to settle the karmic accounts.

You never give sorrow to anyone but only happiness.

No one can become ever healthy at this time. But in golden age, even the old ones will change the old body with happiness, to appear in the new body.

Sri Krishna never teaches Rajayoga, GodFather teaches RajaYoga even to Sri Krishna.

You must introduce GodFather to others with lot of intoxication.


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