Sunday, 3 November 2013

None but One – Souls have to become virtuous and the intellect must rest on God alone.

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Souls have to receive the inheritance of heaven from GodFather. God is also known as the Mother and Father.

Unless the Heavenly GodFather comes, no souls can go to heaven. You belong to GodFather but you lose the income by the influence of maya and leave this Godly study.

It is GodFather who liberates you from sorrows of this iron age and takes you to the sweet silence home. You receive liberation and liberation in life (golden age)

Golden age is the land of happiness and this iron age is the land of sorrow. Souls come from the land of peace (Soul world). God gives the eternal happiness (Bliss) beyond the senses.

Souls go back to their Sweet Silence home from here.

God is known as Heavenly GodFather, Liberator, Guide, Blissful, Knowledge-full, Ocean of knowledge and Merciful. God shows mercy to souls and even elements. Even the animals are to be liberated from sorrows.

The unlimited God Father gives liberation to all souls.

In fact, you children are not attracted to the current diwali celebrations because your diwali happens in golden age.

Souls get relieved from devotion once they develop faith in knowledge.

You souls along with GodFather transform the vicious souls into virtuous.

None but One – You remember only One GodFather none else.

Souls have to become virtuous and the intellect must rest on God alone.

Even in Gita, it is mentioned, forget body and bodily beings and remember GodFather being knowledge-full. By this knowledge and remembrance, you become disease free, ever healthy, happy and wealthy.

You receive knowledge through Adam-Brahma and you share this knowledge with others.

People have used the name of Sri Krishna instead of GodFather. Now, you receive knowledge direct from GodFather.

By this knowledge you receive liberation and liberation in life.

Very few understand this knowledge as it is.

21.1.1957 Murli through Mamma

This is a Godly College where you have to study regularly and understand knoweldge unlike other satsangs.

It is God Himself gives you a degree and you must finish this course of knowledge with in a life time of this one birth.

When God Himself had appeared on this earth, you must co-operate with Him being truthful and stable. Being doubtful under the influence of maya, you cannot go anywhere else becoming an orphan.

The more you become powerful with God, that much maya will also try to make you unstable. If you remember the Lord of Maya, the GodFather in every breath, you will become victorious over maya.

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