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There are souls who receive God's direction by influence,thoughts and others who meet God personally.

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10-11-2013 (Rev. Murli 21.5.77) 

Essence: The special virtue and action of the spiritual life of confluence age

Do you know the special virtue and action of this confluence age? The virtue is being Knowledge-full , Master Ocean of knowledge and  the action is to be Godly serviceable, World Servant.

Who is known as world servant? What is his feature, aim and attainment?
They make the world complete and happy by sharing Godly happiness, peace, treasure of knowledge and all powers, transforming them from Beggar to Wealthy.

They see everyone with mercy and have the aim of benefitting everyone, day and night.

Their thoughts, words, actions, relations are used only in service in every second. They never fix time for service, but do service in every step through their eyes, behaviour, and even while taking food.

The instruments of service are smriti, vritti, drishti and kritti. By smriti, they make everyone embodiment of remembrance-power. By vritti, they make the atmosphere pure and powerful. By drishti, they make the soul realize self and God. By kritti, they become instrument of Godly service and support others.

They experience rest only in service not in sleep. Those who live with such serviceable ones experience coolness, power and service. They feel the support and attainment.

Such serviceable one’s good wishes and feelings will  spread like the rays of Sun in all directions. They fulfil the desires of  souls. They remain full in all treasures. They show the path to the wandering soul. They receive the blessing of being constantly happy and content.

They never remain disturbed by the action of souls who play different roles according to the world drama. They always praise the GodFather saying wah mera Baba, wah mera part, wah sweet drama.

They are praised by everyone, they become the bead of the victorious rosary.

Do you experience these attainments? Do you perform the role of returning God,s love and performing elevated actions?

Namaste to such serviceable children.


2nd Murli:
Essence: God’s direct children are the ones who become worthy of double worship.

Amongst multimillions, very few souls are praised, very few have recognized the GodFather and attained their birthright.

They are very loving and serviceable. All are children of GodFather but you are direct children of GodFather.

There are souls outside who become famous in politics, religion but they never experience the spiritual birth and are never sustained by the spiritual parents. But you are special elevated souls receive blessing and love of the spiritual parents, the Almighty GodFather serve you being constant Companion, take you with Him making you the crown of head and light of eyes.

You elevated souls, majority the residents of Bharat, poor and innocent ones receive the direction directly, not either by influence or touching.

When the hopeless ones become hopeful how much happiness they experience, that much intoxication do you experience?

You attain the inheritance and complete attainment of golden age very easily unlike the religious founders since they come only in the middle of the world drama.

You attain religion and kingdom together unlike those others who experience either only religion or kingdom, they don’t experience both together since the religion and kingdom get separated from copper age.

You children receive the double crown unlike others.

Health, wealth, happiness, pure elements, all attainments only you children experience unlike souls who come after golden and silver ages.

Because you belong to the GodFather,Supreme worshipworthy, you are also worshipped in the form of saligrams and deities in a systematic way unlike others because you belong to GodFather directly.

How much special you are, the GodFather Himself is praising you children directly. You children sing the song of attainments unlike the devotees who sing about their weakness.

To such multimillion elevated souls, direct children of GodFather, those who are authority of all happiness, attainments, kingdom, double worshipworthy, the crown of GodFather, to such elevated souls remembrance of love and Namaste.


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