Monday, 25 November 2013

a balance between being content and having an easy nature is the sign of an elevated soul.

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Sweet Children,

The Creator of all fathers is the Ocean of knowledge GodFather. God gives happiness removing sorrows.

The residents of Bharat-India take maximum 84number of births. No one knows about this.

God creates the subtle world, then this physical world, and there is the causal word-soul world. Only God is known as the Master of three worlds – Trilokinath.

Radha and Krishna are from different kingdom, get married later.

Everything-elevated status depends upon the intellect and the fortune.

You come to play different roles but people never know about the world cycle. Only God comes and gives the knowledge of world cycle. It is your responsibility to give introduction of GodFather to everyone.

You children had visions that Christ, Ibrahim (Abraham) come to Bharat, Bharat is the birthplace of GodFather. By saying God is omnipresent, people have lost the importance of God.

The followers of religious founders keep following the founders in various births.

Now, all souls have become tired of playing different roles, wanted to go back home. Only GodFather gives happiness to souls and takes everyone back home.

GodFather appears on earth and once again establishes the One religion.
No one knows about the Creator and Creations other than the GodFather.

When children have love for God, they receive help. If they become angry, they become angry for themselves losing the fortune.

You receive unlimited treasures of knowledge. This is the race of power of knowledge and remembrance. You have to take care of household and also imbibe this knowledge. After study, you have to do the homework of churning this knowledge.

Spend at least few minutes listening to knowledge and then imbibe them. By remembering God and the world cycle, you will even win over the sleep.

When you imbibe knowledge and remembrance nicely, even the body will remain healthy. Now, the soul has to become pure. Doing makeup for the body is worth not a penny.

Now, you children are engaged to GodFather. Decorate yourself with knowledge and yoga (remembrance of God) to attain elevated status in golden age. By knowledge, you become the angel of heaven.

You must attain most elevated status in golden age not any ordinary one. You have this aim object here.

You need the power of yoga to make every action become easy. Even God helps in removing the obstacles according to the predestined world drama.

Those who don’t follow the Godly directions fall behind in this spiritual race.

You children are doubly non-violent. The first violence is lust, the vice of lust is the greatest enemy, gives pain from beginning till end.

You become RajaYogi by this study from GodFather.(Hatyogi from Sankarachariar)

The most important is to receive the inheritance from GodFather.

You need an unlimited intellect, love for knowledge to explain knowledge to others.


Blessing: May you be loving and detached and experience a constant and stable
stage in every situation with the awareness of being a trustee.

When you consider yourself to be a trustee, your stage will remain constant and stable in every situation because a trustee means to be detached and loving. While you are a householder, there are many types of interests to pull you and a lot of the consciousness of “mine”: sometimes, “my home”, sometimes, “my family”. To be a householder means to wander around in many interests. A trustee means to be stable and constant. A trustee will always be light and constantly in the ascending stage. A trustee would not have any attachment to the consciousness of “mine” and will not have any waves of sorrow.

Slogan: To keep a balance between being content and having an easy nature is the sign of an elevated soul.

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