Saturday, 30 November 2013

With good wishes and pure vibrations help others overcome their weakness,not by doubts and questions.

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Essence: Reveal the personality of the Father through your own face and the drums of revelation will then beat.

Today GodFather sees the gathering of physical as well as the bodiless (avyakt) form.

You children and bodiless Adam-Brahma have love for each other.

You are the children who are going to reveal GodFather through your features. Whoever looks at you, they have to see the image of GodFather not the physical form and everyone would say our GodFather has come.

The true revelation is when everyone says that God of all souls, “Mera Baba” has come.

Let everyone know that it is GodFather (God of all souls) who carries out all actions through Brahmakumaris.

GodFather and Adam-Brahma has come to give liberation and liberation in life to all souls. God is the unlimited GodFather of all souls. Even if the soul understands that God has come, they will receive the inheritance from God in one or other form.

Let there be good wishes be present in every one, to bring the new world.

Along with intoxication of attainments, let there be mercy towards all souls so that you will not battle on overcoming obstacles. (You will remain free from obstacles).

Children of GodFather remain free from battles against obstacles-vices. You must have more love for GodFather than battling against obstacles.

Finish all types of battle from today. You must not come under the influence of maya which affects either you or others. GodFather helps drive away the influence of maya. By your good wishes, instead of battling with questions of why and what, you can even help others come out from the influence of maya.

When you apply full stop from all types of doubts and questions, you become stable in your spiritual effort. Then by your good wishes, good feelings and pure vibrations even others become free from the influence of maya-obstacles.

When you remain unstable due to the questions and doubts, you come under the influence of maya.

GodFather sees how the ghost of maya-vices influences you children. And GodFather tries to give the Sanjeevni Bhooti (knowledge to overcome maya-obstacles) through someone else but children don’t even recognize them due to total unconsciousness. But if there is even little awareness, then they come back to consciousness.

You children have become knowledge-full of both God and Maya. By the knowledge of maya, you are able to remain safe even before it attacks. You have to be merciful towards souls not towards maya-vices.

By the power of love for God, you children have to become victorious and even let others feel this from afar.

In this final study, you have to receive three certificates from self, from GodFather and from the souls who come into relations. When you receive these three certificates, your study comes to an end.

The most important of the certificate is from the souls who come into relations, the more certificates you receive from them, that much you become elevated for 84births.

GodFather has love for all souls and you children must also have love for every soul in the form of good wishes and good feelings towards souls who come under the influence of maya-vices due to their weakness.

So, teach others along with mercy and good feelings. It is easy to make others realize their weakness with love.

Practice being beyond (being in soul world) more often, this will help you attain karmateet stage quickly.

Remembrance and Namaste to the children who remembers the Supreme Point being a point (soul).


Blessing:   May you be a great and knowledge-full soul who transforms the wasteful into powerful by knowing the importance of time.

You wasted your 63 births and you now have this one birth to become powerful. Therefore, do not waste this because each moment of the confluence age is such that it enables you to earn multimillions. This is the age of the season for earning, and therefore,never put aside the powerful and go towards the wasteful. To the extent that you become knowledge-full and powerful yourself, you will accordingly make others powerful.Those who know the importance of time in this, automatically become great themselves.

Slogan:     Continue to follow the one Father’s orders and the whole world will automatically surrender themselves to you.

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