Monday, 2 December 2013

remove the intellect from body and bodily relations to remember only One God alone.

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Now, your love is towards the unlimited GodFather.

God Father has children on earth as well as in subtle world.

All souls are children of the Creator of Heaven. GodFather teaches RajaYoga once again in this world cycle to establish the heaven-golden age.

You are also children of Adam-Brahma and grand children of GodFather.

You have to remove your intellect from all body and bodily relations, and must remember only One God alone.

People celebrate birthday of God, then certainly God would have appeared on earth. I certainly come on earth, take the body(of Adam-Brahma) on loan.

God purifies the soul not Sri Krishna, the first prince of golden age.

God creates Adam-Brahma through whom all you children are created (through this knowledge)

All of your intellect must have deep love for the One GodFather.

God Himself appears on earth to introduce Himself to create faith on Him.

There is true and false Gita at this confluence age.

The Creator of golden age is God Himself not Brahma who is the creator of divine family of souls (through knowledge).

The True Guide is only One God. Without Him, only darkness of ignorance exist.
You know about everything by knowing about GodFather. No one other than GodFather knows about the world cycle.

This old world has to be transformed into new, at the end.

Only the deities (virtuous human beings) take maximum 84births.

I liberate souls and take every soul back home, being a Guide.

Every soul leaves one body and takes another, they have the role of 84births recorded in them.

The stains appear on the soul (becoming body conscious). Only you children know about My role – biography.

You children have deep love for only One bodiless GodFather, but maya-vices also not easy to overcome, it creates obstacles in remembrance of GodFather.

Being a householder-fulfilling the responsibilities, you must also remove your intellect from body and bodily beings and remember the most Beloved One GodFather, at the same time.

You must not remember any physical or subtle deities other than the One GodFather. You make promise to move from the pyre of lust and remember One GodFather, to pass with honour and attain elevated status for 21births.

It is you children who go through the world cycle from golden, silver, copper and iron ages.

In golden age, there is no untimely death, no one cries there, souls leave one body and take another by themselves.

Now, you have to return home (soul world) along with the GodFather.


Blessing: May you be seated on the throne by following the Father, and be seated on the throne of the kingdom of the world, numberwise.

Just as the Father placed the children ahead of Himself and He remained the backbone, so, follow the Father in the same way. To the extent that you follow the Father here, you will accordingly claim the throne of the kingdom of the world, numberwise, and be seated on the throne. You will remain in His company there to the extent that you eat, drink, play and study with the Father at this time. The children who have the awareness of closeness have just as much natural intoxication and faith automatically. So, constantly experience yourself in your heart to have been the Father’s companion many times, that are you are this now and that you will continue to be this many times.

Slogan: Those who attain the fruit and power of service are powerful.

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