Tuesday, 24 December 2013

GodFather says: Without purity (in thoughts, words and actions), you cannot imbibe virtues.

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Sweet Children,

There is no throne in the aakash (sky), This polar is known as aakash. Souls and Supreme Soul remain in a place far beyond the Sun and Moon. Souls remain together in the form of an inverted tree in the mahatattv, float like stars in the sky.

When souls undergo suffering on earth, GodFather appears on earth. In iron age sorrow exists not in golden age.

I appear on Earth when souls call out for Me.

Souls appear on earth numberwise, like stars fall from the sky. Every soul has to pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. They appear as deities in golden age and pass through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Even religious founders pass through these stages.

Only One GodFather liberates all souls from the suffering of the earth. I establish the religion of deities of golden and silver ages.

I make you pure-virtuous and take every soul back home. You are decorated with jewels of knowledge at this time to rule the kingdom of golden age.

Other religious founders establish religion and sustain them, they never liberate souls.

All souls are at the tamopradhan stage at this time. Supreme Soul appears, teaches Rajayoga and liberates all souls.

Knowledge spoken by GodFather – Gita is meant for souls of all religion. But people have mentioned the name of SriKrishna instead of GodFather.

God says, remember Me to get rid of sins and come back to Me.

Every soul has its role recorded in this predestined world drama, there is no beginning and end to this world drama. It cannot be explained when this world drama is created.

Religious founders establish religion, later their followers come and it spreads.

This world is a game of victory and defeat. In golden age, souls-deities never remember GodFather.

God says: Without purity, you cannot imbibe divine virtues.

You children give liberation in life to souls of the world, by the power of GodFather.

During devotion,people build temples, everything will be destroyed at the end. In knowledge, you just have to remember One GodFather and none else, so that you remember only GodFather at the end.

This old world will be transformed to the New world certainly.

God teaches you RajaYoga like He did in every world cycle. Every action takes place like it had happened in every world cycle.

In Gita and scriptures, they have shown violence. In fact, you battle against vices that exist within.

God is explaining you what is right. You cannot reach Me through the scriptures of devotion. I appear as Guide to take you all back home. This knowledge is new, to create the new world. I come to establish religion in every world cycle.

In golden age, the knowledge disappears. You have only One Gita spoken by GodFather. I give liberation and liberation in life to all souls.

I never teach you vedas and scriptures.  I don’t have a body, I come only to give you knowledge, I never come to eat and drink.

People read many scriptures which are without any essence. It is destined for the people- souls to become tamopradhan.

You souls take birth through the divine parents. If you follow the direction of GodFather, you will attain elevated status.

Child, you  have to win over lust to rule the kingdom of golden age. By purity, you also remain healthy.


Blessing:  May you constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm with the fullness of experience and become a master almighty authority!  

Experience is the greatest authority of all. Become full of the experience of every virtue, every power and every point of knowledge and the sparkle of zeal and enthusiasm will then be constantly visible on your face. Now, along with listening to and relating knowledge, also play the special part of being an image of experience. Those who have the authority of experience will experience themselves to be souls who are constantly full. Just as a seed is full, in the same way, by being full of knowledge, virtues and powers, you become a master almighty authority.

Slogan:  Amrit vela is the time for special sustenance from God. Understand the importance of this time and take full benefit.

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