Tuesday, 10 December 2013

You Children belong to Me and you all must come back to Me. Light and might of GodFather keep you safe from obstacles.

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Sweet Children,

You children understand that you had unlimited happiness in golden age.But maya-vices have snatched all happiness transforming heaven (earth) into hell.

All souls never appear in golden and silver ages, but now all souls exist on hell-earth.

By this knowledge, souls transform from human beings into deities-virtuous human beings.

Saints never know that happiness existed in golden age where unhappiness never existed and only one religion was present.

Now, the unlimited GodFather explains to you children through Adam-Brahma. You Children belong to Me and you have to come back to Me.

Christians follow Bible but not Christ.

People try to get rid of vices, I come and teach Rajayoga.I am the Father of Gita, Sri Krishna is created through Gita spoken by GodFather.

No one knows exactly who spoke Gita and where. People have made Sri Krishna, Radhe and deities omnipresent.

I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma at his retirement age. Religious founders establish religion, I prepare you for the golden age. I transform the vicious souls into virtuous souls.

Adam-Brahma of this time will born as Sri Krishna in golden age. Those who remain in remembrance of GodFather, whose intellect has become divine, can explain this knowledge to others. Wandering mind cannot make others understand.

You children must help others get rid of suffering by this knowledge.

This Bharat-India is the eternal place of pilgrimage where the GodFather appears. In fact only One GodFather is worthy to be worshipped.

The God who makes you master of the golden age, has arrived now on earth. Unless souls belong to GodFather, they cannot go to golden age.

You become virtuous-pure to take birth in new world.

2nd Murli:

When you remember only One GodFather, it is known as unadulterated remembrance.

You have to remember the One, the Purifier, who makes you master of golden age.

You receive everything new in the New world – golden age.

Remove your intellect from everywhere and remember One GodFather. That much you will get rid of sinful actions.

You remain here to become virtuous-pure. God makes you virtuous-pure at this time.

Check yourself: how much you remember the GodFather? where all your mind and intellect wanders? You lose income by wandering mind, you have to remember the only One. You have to earn an income in every step to benefit yourself in every world cycle.

You must share the treasures of knowledge with others. Even whilst performing actions, the intellect must rest on GodFather not on vicious beings.

The vicious (one who has body conscious) ones cannot remember the GodFather.

If you make effort now, you will receive elevated status in every world cycle. Keep checking where all your intellect wanders throughout the day other than remembering One GodFather. Keep the chart of remembrance and check yourself constantly.


Slogan: Remain in the light and might of GodFather to remain safe from maya-obstacles.

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