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Souls are brothers amongst each other.Not knowing this they fight against each other.All souls belong to One GodFather.

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Sweet Children,

GodFather explains: all souls are travellers, have come from the far beyond soul world where there is no light of sun or moon, there is no world drama enacted there.

In human being, there is a soul and the body of five elements.

GodFather and souls are residents of soul world, appear on earth to play different roles.

Soul world is Brahm maha tattv, Earth is Akash tattv.

Every soul wants to have liberation (remembers the soul world). Souls know that they are not resident of this earth and they call out for GodFather.

Souls are brothers amongst each other and not knowing this they fight against each other. All souls belong to One GodFather.

When you belong to GodFather, Maya-vices creates obstacles. You battle against maya by the power of spiritual yoga, by which you become ever pure, by remembering the Pure-virtuous GodFather.

By remembering GodFather, your sins of so many births are removed.

At this time, this world is known as iron aged. Golden aged world is known as heaven. At this time, people are known as the residents of hell. Golden age is the pure-virtuous world.

Animals never call out for the Purifier GodFather but human beings.

Bharat – India becomes the heaven.

You become self-independent through GodFather, receive inheritance of heaven.

You have done devotion to meet GodFather and Now, God has come to give knowledge.

When you belong to GodFather, follow God’s direction and receive inheritance of heaven.

You belong to the Supreme GodFather, and GodFather teaches you children.

At present, GodFather is present with you in practical. God who removes sorrow and gives happiness is not omnipresent. Even in the creation of God – heaven, no one experiences sorrow.

If you follow My direction, you will rule the kingdom of heaven. You die a living death (seeing self and others as soul) to live in golden age.

If you belong to GodFather, you will receive direction from GodFather.

You must belong to GodFather and remain in household, do Godly service.

Very few make this spiritual effort. There are souls who become faithful and later become doubtful.

You must create heirs with faithful intellect. There are souls with faithful intellect but never receive knowledge, hence they attain low status in golden age.

Everyone will come to know about their status at the end.

Here, GodFather teaches you children, there is only One study and One Teacher for everyone.

You keep making mistakes, never follow direction of GodFather and so, lose your fortune.

Bharat – heaven was virtuous, has become vicious at present.

The world of vices will be transformed to world of virtues.

You are affected by the storm of obstacles, you have to become very sweet, should not be affected by the lust. You have to remain together ( as a householder) and be pure-virtuous.

GodFather is the Lord of the poor, donation (of knowledge) is offered to the poor ones. The continent of Bharat-India has become poor from wealthy, it is in Bharat God appears, Bharat was a golden sparrow, Now you  children are making effort to create the golden Bharat-India once again.


Blessing: May you be free from all bondages and with the blessing of the flying stage constantly move forward!

To belong to the Father means to receive the blessing of the flying stage. By putting this blessing into your life you will never step backwards in anything; you will constantly continue to move forward. When you have the company of the Almighty Authority Father, you move forward at every step. You are then always full and also do the service of making others full. Such souls are never stopped by any type of obstruction. Such blessed children can never have any bondage because they become free from all bondages.

Slogan: Matter becomes the servant of those who have a stock of all powers.

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