Tuesday, 17 December 2013

No one knows about the history and geography of the world other than you children.

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Sweet Children,

You Children, GodFather and Mother are benefactor of fortunes.

There are souls who take rebirth with low status (based on their actions).

Your intellect must be refined to explain knowledge to others.

At this time, souls never experience super-sensuous joy but sorrow.

Once upon a time Bharat-India was wealthy and only one religion and one kingdom existed, not two.

Here, even husband and wife fight against each other unlike in golden age.

People have lot of ego with knowledge of doctor, barrister. They don’t have true spiritual knowledge.

You co-operate in establishing golden age.

At this time, people fight against each other, it is not possible to establish one government like it was in golden age.

God is known as heavenly GodFather who establishes one deity – virtuous government.

With this elevated knowledge, you can do a lot. Your main job is to show the right path to all. You must cooperate in the task of GodFather, free from attachments.

God gives directions at this time, it is not that God has to experience the obstacles of iron age but Adam-Brahma. Once again the One government of golden age is being established at this time.

Earlier days, the new inventions are first demonstrated with the king. Nowadays Kings don’t have powers.

Unlike in devotion, here you must have lot of enthusiasm through this knowledge and do service – share introduction of God and inheritance to others (and also relatives) in temple, graveyard, to make them happy.

Only very few understand this knowledge, not all those who receive it.

No one knows about the history and geography of the world other than you children. You make effort to attain elevated status.

Check yourself if you are eligible to marry the king and queen of golden age.

Souls are foreigners on earth, have come from Paramdham (soul world).

World Mother also asks you to remember GodFather, imbibe knowledge and share with others.

Manmanabhav and Madhyajibhav - serve the souls by thoughts, words and actions to attain elevated status. Lot of service can be done in villages.

People have lot of fashion and temptation in cities, you have to transform souls through the mantra of manmanabhav (rest the mind on God alone).

The world mother establishes one Government, on direction of one GodFather.


Blessing: May you be a constant yogi who experiences closeness on the basis of love in the heart and a relationship!

Among you children - souls, some remember Baba with love in their hearts and a relationship whereas others remember with their heads, that is, they try again and again to experience a relationship on the basis of knowledge. Where there is a very loving relationship in the heart, that is, where there is closeness, it is difficult to forget remembrance. Just as, physically in the body, there is blood in every vein, in the same way, remembrance is merged in the soul at every moment. This is said to be constant remembrance of a heart filled with love.

Slogan: Serve altruistically and serve with a stage free from negative thoughts and you will then achieve success.

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