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When God fulfils the desires of devotees in copper age, He never thinks about His role of Teacher in iron age.

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Sweet Children,

People call out for GodFather and now He is present with you children. GodFather teaches Rajayoga to give you happiness.

God teaches you Rajayoga to transform you into deities-virtuous human beings. Human-beings cannot transform others into deities.

GodFather establishes heaven-golden age where deities live.

GodFather had to appear on earth to transform the vicious into virtuous.

You children understand about the history and geography of this world.

Deities who live in subtle world do not have any history and geography, they interact with movements. You also understand about the soul world.

Other religions (branches) than ancient deity religion cannot be called as a tree. The human world tree appears from the Seed (God) and the trunk of ancient deity religion.

You children are trikaldarshi, trilokinath who knows past, present and future, knows about 3 worlds. Deities of golden age are not trikaldarshi and triloknath but only you children who listen to GodFather at this confluence age.

There are many new ones who leave this study without proper understanding.

People think Dwapar age (copper age) had gone inside sea, like people say Sun go into the sea during Sunset (out of ignorance).

Now, you children become more elevated and receive unlimited happiness at this time of sorrow (iron age).

People call religious gathering as Satsang. (real satsang is to be present with GodFather).

You children know that you receive unlimited happiness through father of humankind Adam-Brahma and world mother Saraswati, through GodFather (who can be called as grandfather).

People have defamed GodFather saying God is present in stones and dust. You children have loving intellect only towards one GodFather.

In this whole creation, there are none who are most lucky than you children.

God is very very sweet. Souls defame God by becoming vicious. Now, the Amarnath (Eternal God) speaks the Eternal story (Amarkatha) to you children.

Children those who become master of the world never wash feet of GodFather (like they do in satsangs).

Destruction had taken place earlier and it happens in every world cycle. You children will become resident of golden age, you have to check if any vice exist within.

GodFather is the Ocean of knowledge, When He fulfils the desires of devotees in copper age, the thought of coming on earth, establishing heaven on earth never appears but remain merged within GodFather.

God transforms the thorns (of iron age) into flowers (of golden age). You must check how long you remain in remembrance of GodFather.

The more you remain in remembrance, that much your sins will be removed. At this time, the whole world is the kingdom of Ravan (Satan)-vices. Now, you must consider yourself as soul to remember GodFather, and attain happiness.

GodFather is the resident of soul world, I appear in the body of Adam-Brahma to explain knowledge to you children. Unless you become virtuous-pure, you cannot come back to Me.

Now, I purify the souls of bondages, of so many births.

Sanyasis remember the Brahm element, but you must remember the One who liberates all souls (including sanyasis).

You have the aim object to become deities of golden age. The creations (sanyasis) cannot give inheritance to others but only One GodFather.

Liberation is Peaceful soul world and Liberation in life is the golden age. Souls have to become pure-virtuous certainly.

People have destructive intellect at the time of destruction and you children have divine loving intellect to become victorious (over vices) at the end of this world cycle.

People never know about the occupation of deities (Brahma,Vishnu and Shankar) of subtle world.They never appear in golden age.

Check yourselves how long you remember GodFather in a day.


Blessing:  May you be a great and elevated soul who, with the method of unbroken yoga, becomes one who is constantly worshipped!  

Nowadays, souls who are said to be great have names such as "Akhandanand" (unbroken bliss). However, it is you are who are the ”akhand” (unbroken) forms in everything. You are unbroken in your bliss and in your happiness. Simply make sure you are not influenced by bad company. While seeing and hearing about the weaknesses of others, have a "don't care" attitude and with this speciality you will become an akhand yogi. Those who are akhand yogis become worthy of worship in an akhand way. You are such great souls that you yourselves remain in a worthy of worship form for half the cycle and your non-living images are then worshipped for half the cycle.

Slogan:  A divine intellect is the basis of the power of silence.

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