Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wishing you and family a very Happy New Year 2014!

Wishing You and Family a very Happy New Year 2014!

Kindly accept the 2014 New year’s gift: the power of transformation. Self transformation and world transformation, it is with the lift of this gift that you will bring world transformation close.

Constantly bring about a newness in the intensity of your effort. Congratulations for the newness of the New Year, for the new sanskars, a new nature, new zeal and enthusiasm, for having an elevated thought of making the world new, and for constantly having the elevated thoughts of giving everyone the blessing of mukti and jeevan mukti. Congratulations for saying good bye to the old sanskars, the old behaviour, the old supports, and everything of the old.

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Sweet Children,

Spiritual GodFather tells Spiritual Children, consider yourselves as ones who belong to this most elevated Confluence age at this time, you are not present at the end of iron age.

God appears at the confluence age, the confluence of iron and golden ages.

You children belong to God at this time. People are vicious and poor at this iron age (hell).

You children clearly understand about the old world (iron aged) and New world (golden aged).

People at this time belong to the vicious old world.

You have to explain about the vicious human being and virtuous human being (deities) to people of the world.

No one of golden age exists in iron age.

Gita was spoken by GodFather not by Sri Krishna.

It is God who speaks the Gita at this time, children forget about GodFather by coming into body consciousness. You create mistakes by not following God’s direction. God’s direction is to consider your-self as a soul and remember God-Father.

You perform sinful actions due to the body consciousness of 2500years.

The more you remember the GodFather, that much you will become pure-virtuous.

The unlimited GodFather does not have a body, appears in the body of Adam-Brahma and gives knowledge to you children.

By taking 84births, your soul has become vicious. Now, remember Me to become pure-virtuous, and your body and soul will appear in golden age being pure.

Thoughts, words and actions, you have to become virtuous-pure. You may get storms of maya but you must not perform any sinful action by sense organs.

GodFather never takes birth but Sri Krishna.

There is no one who has an unlimited divine intellect like you children.

You become king of kings by this Rajayoga. Knowledge is the source of income.

In scriptures, there is no aim object unlike here. Here, it is GodFather who is teaching you children. The deities of golden age attain their elevated status by this Godly study of this Confluence age.

Being a stone-like intellect, it is difficult to understand this knowledge. Yours is a golden intellect.

You receive 21births of inheritance by this Godly knowledge. Keep sharing this knowledge with others.

Body consciousness is the worst dirty enemy. You have come without a body and have to return without a body. There is effort in remembering GodFather.


Blessing:  May you constantly have zeal and enthusiasm and sing songs of happiness in your mind and have the imperishable fortune of happiness!  

You fortunate children attain imperishable success by using imperishable methods. Songs of "Wah! Wah!" of happiness are constantly being sung in your mind. "Wah Baba, Wah fortune! Wah my sweet family! "Wah, elevated wonderful time of the confluence age! Every action is "Wah Wah!" and you therefore have the imperishable fortune of happiness. You can never have the question "Why me?" in your mind. Instead of "Why?" it is "Wah Wah" and instead of "I” there is the word "Baba".

Slogan:  Put the imperishable stamp of the government on the thoughts you have and they will remain firm.

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