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To remain constantly happy and to spread waves of happiness in everyone is elevated service.

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Sweet Children,

The Gita is the mother of all scripture. Mamma is the world mother. GodFather is known as mother and father. Adam-Brahma is not worshipped a lot, only one temple was built in Ajmer.

People who are fortunate feel, it is the mercy of saints and sages. In fact only God shows mercy to all. Saints help the world by their power of purity. But only GodFather is the benefactor.

I have come to relieve you from diseases and sorrows. I am known as the Creator of the world, in fact I create the heaven where sorrow never exists.

This world drama is about the game of victory and defeat, sorrow and happiness, based on Bharat-India.

GodFather makes you the master of the world in golden age where deities – virtuous human beings live.

No one knows about the world Mother. Devotees do not know about the deities whom they worship. You must explain about the history of deities to the devotees.

You children belong to Adam-Brahma. You children can do a lot of service, you have to become free from attachment. You have to remain pure and do service to transform this world into heaven. Souls accumulate stains after marriage (if they don’t lead a celibate life).

At the end, there will be a lot of violence, vices are the greatest enemy.

GodFather appears only in Bharat, at the end of iron age - darkness of ignorance.

You children have to do service, those are awake can make others awake. Those who are free from maya-vices can do service.

In golden age, you never perform service, (everyone will be complete with wealth of knowledge).

God is the Lord of the Lords. GodFather is also the Lord of the Lord Krishna.

In the beginning, you used to have trance visions, which will happen even at the end, to entertain you.

Night Class:  8.4.1968

Now, you are in Godly mission.

You have to do service with lot of cleverness. You have to liberate the souls, God will take every soul back home – soul world.

God is only One who appears only at the end of iron age.

Now, God has come to make you worship-worthy. Deities exist only in golden age. They are most elevated and hence they are worshipped even now in this iron age.

People of the world don’t know that you are becoming the master of the world.

You have to remember GodFather with lot of love, He makes you the master of the world, Then you also have to imbibe divine virtues.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

May you be a great soul who remains stable on the seat of authority and experiences the life of an easy yogi!   

Just as you easily take the seat of a speaker, similarly, now take the seat of the authority of all experience. Remain constantly stable on the seat of authority and you will become an easy, constant and natural yogi. Those who have such authority will make Maya bow down and will not bow down to Maya, like those with limited authority all bow down to special people. The greatness of authority makes everyone bow down. Similarly, when you great souls stay in the authority of experience, everyone will bow down to you.

Slogan: To remain constantly happy, to share the treasures of happiness and to spread waves of happiness in everyone is elevated service.

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