Saturday, 28 December 2013

Opportunity to reveal BapDada

Now, it is the right time for Brahmakumaris Institution to join hands with AAP, to impart spiritual values in society.

The root cause of all evils is the degeneration of spiritual values in society not just corruption.

Since AAP has taken the initial step in the name of eradicating corruption, Now, Brahmakumaris can give him full support and guide him how Brahmakumaris can help him to create a value based society by introducing BKs in to politics as part of AAP.

In what ways these spiritual values to be incorporated in society.

It should start from home like:

1. Children take care of parents
2. Parents take care of children
3. Parents cooperate with children by knowing about their simple desires and wishes instead of forcing them to become part of the rat race
4. Give values more important than money
5. Let relationship become more important than fighting to dominate
6. Let living a life be simple than just accumulating money and wealth
7. Live a contented life giving importance to relationships than comparing life with others

Then in organizations:

1. There should be co-operation amongst colleagues than having a wide difference of boss and colleague
2. The salary structure should be according to the requirements one has in need rather than depending upon their education
3. Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave showed with example how an organization can run on paying salary equally for all irrespective of whatever work they do, but at the same time giving importance to individual actual needs.

In society:
1. People must live a life based on satisfaction rather than live an extravagant life for the sake of maintaining status quo.
2. People support each other like even nowadays there are community like Jains who help each other and live a life together

In business:
1. The faith,truth and values become more important than documents and legal instructions.

Those who support this idea, please send an email to which can be forwarded to the Institution and also kindly mention if they are willing to contest in election for Baba's party along with AAP

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