Thursday, 19 December 2013

The soul and Supreme Soul meet each other in every world cycle, in every 5000years.

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Sweet Children,

Only you children-souls have spiritual love for the GodFather-Supreme Soul.

When you have spiritual love for GodFather, whole world turns against you.

Only God listens to the devotees not river Ganga. Not the river but the God says and gives guarantee, your sins will be removed by remembering Me alone.

The confluence of Soul and Supreme Soul has to be praised not the confluence of rivers.

The Supreme Soul teaches you children through the body of Adam-Brahma.

The Sweet Home (Soul world) is your GodFatherly Home. The place you belong is loved more.

You children receive inheritance of heaven from the GodFather.

It takes more effort to remain in soul consciousness, you forget God when you come into body consciousness.

The soul and Supreme Soul meet each other in every world cycle, in every 5000years.

God, the Purifier appears on earth to establish heaven-golden age in every 5000years.

Yours is the spiritual pilgrimage which continues till the soul leaves the body. While doing the office work, while travelling, while preparing food, you can remember GodFather, you can share points of knowledge.

You are the light house, keep doing all actions being a light house, In one eye you have liberation (soul world) and other eye you have liberation in life (golden age).

I make you so beautiful (virtuous) that you become kings and queens of golden age.

Now, you make effort in practical to go to golden age. You need not have to keep fasting like you did in devotion but just have to remember GodFather.

Children, keep receiving direction from GodFather in every step. You have to renounce all desires at this time except remembering GodFather. Poor people live their life happily without much desires.

You children have to remember the One Beloved GodFather. God has come on earth certainly, hence His birthday is celebrated in Bharat-India. But no one knows how He appears on earth.

God says, I make you master of the golden age. In devotion, people build big temples for God and deities (virtuous human being of golden age) unlike this time.

Only you children know about God, none else. Adam (Brahma) and Eve (Saraswathi) who become Lakshmi Narayan of golden age build temples for God in copper age, becoming devotees of GodFather.

The Supreme Soul recharges your soul, makes your soul happy by this spiritual knowledge at this time.

You are known as Karma Yogi who remembers GodFather doing all actions.

You have knowledge of three worlds. Your third eye of knowledge is open at this time, you become happy knowing about the world cycle.

Now, I have come on service of you children to give you complete inheritance of heaven-golden age. The more you make spiritual effort, that much elevated status you attain in golden age.


Blessing:   May you become a humble instrument by closing the door to the consciousness of "I" and bidding farewell to Maya !

When a server doing service has the thought: "I did this", to have that consciousness of "I" means to pour water over everything that server has done. A server means one who never forgets the Father who inspires it to be done and that He is the One who is making you do everything and that you are just doing it as an instrument. Where there is the consciousness of being an instrument, there will automatically be the consciousness of humility. When one is an instrument and humble, Maya cannot come. Close the door to the consciousness of "I" and Maya will bid farewell.

Slogan:  The speciality of holy swans is cleanliness and their duty is to become clean and make everyone clean.

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