Thursday, 26 December 2013

May you be a yogi soul to reveal power of your mind through happiness of your face.

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Sweet Children,

Children praise the unlimited GodFather, knows He is making you master of the golden age. GodFather is known as knowledge-full who gives knowledge to you children.

Mamma-world mother is known as goddess of knowledge. Children receive knowledge through Adam-Brahma.

There will be only one world mother known as Saraswati at this time becomes Sri Lakshmi – goddess of wealth in golden age by God’s knowledge. GodFather gives knowledge about the world cycle.

GodFather’s children become master God.

GodFather who speaks knowledge of RajaYoga is known as God of the Gita.

Knowledge is the source of income. You earn a true income by right spiritual effort. If your company is not good, you cannot continue study and hence you fail at the end.

Without study, people are called ignorant ones, those who study are called clever.

Those who never study remain vicious and fail in the exam.

Maya-Satan influences children, you must follow the direction of GodFather not come under the influence of Ravan-Satan.

The intellect must have yoga with God, the features must also be royal. You have to win over the five vices by God’s direction.

World Mother is only one known as Saraswati with sitar. She also learns RajaYoga at this time.

You receive health, wealth and happiness through this RajaYoga.

It is said in scriptures, Sri Krishna received insults which cannot happen in reality. In fact God is insulted more, then it is Adam-Brahma who gets insulted.

All religious followers know about their religious founder but not those who follow deity religion ( God is the one who establishes the ancient deity religion which existed during golden and silver ages)

Each religion exists for half of the world cycle and even deity religion.

Many have body consciousness and remember bodily relations (by not looking at self and others as souls). If you remember bodily relations, you cannot remember the GodFather who does not have a body (known as Supreme Soul).

If people don’t understand knowledge, they keep insulting.

GodFather does selfless service, He benefits the ones even those who insult Him. God is defamed a lot by saying God is omnipresent.

Lot of obstacles happen in this Godly service.

Now the sun and moon dynasty are being established. Since God has come, you must receive complete inheritance from GodFather. You must not do disservice, not come under the influence of name and form.

Even the strong ones are affected by the storm of maya. You must not hide anything from the Eternal Surgeon. If you hide, you degrade more. If you ask for forgiveness, you will stop repeating mistakes and stop losing your income in every world cycle.

Now, the kingdom is being established like it happened in every world cycle.

Explain to people about Highest on High GodFather and about the three deities. Adam-Prajapita Brahma is the Child of GodFather, top amongst the three deities.

You receive Godly direction, through Adam-Brahma to rule the golden age-heaven, in the form of RajaYoga.

In fact, all human beings are souls without body, reside in soul world.

Religious followers do not know what they are going to attain at the end, they just follow in blind faith. Neither they follow their Guru nor they become like them.


Blessing:  May you be a yogi soul and grant a vision of the power of your mind through the mirror of your face!   

A view of whatever is on your mind definitely appears on your forehead. Do not think that you have a lot in your mind. However, the mirror of the power of the mind is your face. No matter how much you say that your yoga is very good or that you constantly dance in happiness, no one who sees your unhappy face, would believe you. The sparkle of the happiness of having attained everything should be visible on your face. Your face should not appear to be dry, but it should be filled with happiness for only then would you be said to be a yogi soul.

Slogan:  When you have an easy nature, you will speak simple words and your deeds will be filled with simplicity and you will then be able to glorify the Father's name.

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