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With your avyakt-bodiless stage, you can attain bliss, love and power.

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Sweet Children,

This world is of sinful souls. Pure-charitable souls exist only in golden age. God has the life history of every children (which is given to God with honesty and cleanliness).

Here, you have to listen and explain to others, to pass at the end.

It is God, the ocean of knowledge explains to you children.

God makes you god and goddess to live in golden age.

People of the world keep wandering physically in the name of pilgrimage, here you do the pilgrimage of remembrance being in one place.

Chanting, turning beads are all the methods to become free from sinful acts. You remember the GodFather to get rid of sinful acts. In devotion you remain free from sinful acts only at the time of chanting but here you constantly remain in remembrance of GodFather to become free from sinful actions.

To become deities from ordinary human beings is the true life story.

It is God who makes you completely virtuous like Sri Krishna. You are becoming like that at this time unlike in other satsangs.

You make spiritual effort to marry the LakshmiNarayan – virtuous king and queen of golden age.

Your effort of this time will make you attain elevated status in every world cycle.

This is the Gita study centre to become deities from human being. At the end, the Teacher knows how much the student had put his effort.

You study from GodFather, the Creator of golden age, the Purifier, not through any human being.

God says, you remember Me, I teach you about the third eye of knowledge. Amarnath – the Eternal Once teaches you the eternal (amarkatha) history.

The world cycle repeats from golden age to iron age in every world cycle, undergoes stages of sato, rajo and tamo.

The soul has the role of 84births recorded in it, eve My role is recorded in Soul.

Initially you play roles in golden age and I remain in the world of peace (soul world).

I am an altruistic GodFather, make you master of golden age. If I come in golden age, I will also have to undergo stages of sato, rajo and tamo. But I remain indifferent. I remain beyond sorrow and happiness.

Scriptures belong to devotion. In knowledge there is no scripture but you receive knowledge from God Himself.

Soul is eternal and Supreme Soul also is eternal. Soul is not affected by anything, it is never cut or burnt or made wet.

God makes you master of the golden age by the power of yoga-remembrance. Hence you must remain happy.

Although knowledge is taught to everyone, the status attained is number-wise.

In golden age, there is no need to build multi storey buildings, there will not be any shortage of land or wealth. The golden age is known as the New world.

You have to make effort to remain in remembrance of GodFather. You know about the world cycle.

Mothers help to open the Gateway of heaven, Mothers benefit souls by sharing knowledge.

I give you the inheritance of heaven.


Blessing:  May you be an altruistic server who remains constantly full by being ignorant of the knowledge of desire for any attainment.

All attainments automatically come in front of those who are altruistic servers. Even though attainments may come in front of you, you must not accept them. If you have any desire for those, then, although having all attainments, you would experience a lack of them and always consider yourself to be empty. Therefore, be ignorant of the knowledge of desire and remain full of all attainments. Constantly continue to swing in the swing (jhule) of all the imperishable attainments you have attained from BapDada at the confluence age and you will not make any mistakes-forgetfulness (bhule).

Slogan:  With your avyakt stage, you can attain avyakt bliss, avyakt love and avyakt power.

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