Friday, 13 December 2013

By remembering body and bodily beings, souls undergo pain-punishment at the end.

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Sweet Children,

The sinful world is known as vicious iron aged world. The virtuous world is known as charitable golden aged world.

The GodFather comes and transforms the vicious souls into virtuous and creates the pure world.

At this time, virtuous pure soul never exists. God appears on earth to destroy the vicious world and establish the virtuous world.

The Ocean of knowledge, the Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather is the One who creates New world, none else.

You children must become a stick for the blind (ignorance of knowledge).

When God appears on earth and meets the children, it is known as the real Kumbh mela of sangam-confluence age.

The real Sangam is the place where all rivers come and merge in sea. But people call sangam, where rivers meet together.

In reality, the Purifier is only one GodFather,the True Guide who offers liberation and liberation in life.

Even during Raksha Bandhan, the promise is made with GodFather to remain pure-virtuous.

You have to become egoless and remain in silence if people create obstacles in service.

You must prove to the world who is the Purifier, the GodFather.

Only One Supreme GodFather gives liberation to all souls.

People do charity in the name of God to receive reward for one birth. Here you receive reward for 21births. You receive power-strength by offering in the name of God.

Religion is known as might. Only you children understand the religion in the right way and hence you receive might from religion.

You must remember the GodFather and the world cycle. Being in household the intellect must rest on God without conscious of body or bodily relations, to get rid of sins.

By remembering body and bodily beings, souls undergo pain-punishment at the end.

You receive kingdom of heaven by following the Godly directions.

The lovers -  those who are soul conscious will follow the Beloved - GodFather at the end to the soul world. Although all souls become pure, each soul will have different powers.

Not all souls appear in golden age. Bharat-India becomes heaven in golden age not any other country. Only God benefits all souls, liberates and guides all souls back Home-Soul world, not any other religious founder.

Since GodFather appears on Bharat-India, India is praised a lot. By establishing peace on Bharat, the whole world becomes peaceful, like happened in every world cycle.

During devotion, people worship physical bodies due to body consciousness. In reality only One GodFather is worship worthy - remains pure all the time, benefits all souls.

Only God gives the knowledge by which souls receive liberation and liberation in life.


Blessing: May you have a generous heart and by having pure hopes within yourself, become one who has a big and unlimited heart.

Constantly have pure hopes in yourself. Never be disheartened with yourself. The Father always has pure hopes for all His children. No matter what someone is like, the Father never becomes disheartened with even the last number child but always has hopes. Therefore, you too must never become hopeless or disheartened with yourself, with others or with service. Become one with a big and generous heart. An emperor means one with a generous heart and a constantly big heart. Do not imbibe any weak sanskars. Be knowledge-full and recognise the variety of forms of Maya and become victorious.

Slogan: “You and the Father” are so combined that no third person can ever separate you.

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