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By tolerance(soul awareness),check and renounce mine(attachment) being a trustee,to be free from waste thoughts.

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22-12-2013 (Avyakt murli dated 29.5.1977)

Essence: Obstructions in the speed of effort and their resolution

GodFather  sees every spiritual effort maker how they get stuck due to obstacles, how they take a high jump, how they become fast effort-maker, how they overcome obstacles.

What is the reason for the obstacle to come which stops you from being a fast effort-maker?

The main reason is the storm of waste thoughts. The basis for waste thoughts is the lack of good thoughts, lack of treasures of knowledge. You don’t know how to use the treasures of knowledge when it is required.

You listen to knowledge but because you don’t imbibe them, you feel empty by the treasures of knowledge and hence you are not able to remain powerful and happy constantly.

Due to weakness, you come under the influence of maya and become subservient to maya, become sad looking at others who remain complete.

The most important is Cleanliness - pure intellect and honest heart, if you have to imbibe knowledge.

Cleanliness means to surrender of the intellect to GodFather, free from ego – “I”. By offering the limited ego to God, you receive the divine intellect in return.

You give something and always take something in return and it applies here also. First you have to offer everything to GodFather, offer “I” ness to become free from all desires. Because of forgetfulness, not being free from ego, you never remain happy.

You say through words, but never do it by action. You say, It is my sanskar, It is my habit, Whatever belong to GodFather is yours. If you don’t have ego, the intellect remains divine. If you have the ego, you will have attachment (towards sanskars, people, objects).

For all waste thoughts, there are the reasons of ego and attachment. This you can understand yourself only by being in the awareness of subtle soul consciousness. You can identify the physical attachment but you can understand subtle attachment only by being in soul consciousness.

Without subtle attachment, intellect cannot be attracted to anything. So, check yourself for attachment by thoughts, words, actions, relationships. Even against your wish, mind will be attracted towards the attachment.

So, check where you have attachment, and find the reason of waste thoughts. Unless you identify My habit, My sanskar, it keeps pulling you towards them certainly.

It is a great sin to consider the old sanskars belong to yours. You wanted to renounce but you keep holding to them. You say, everything belongs to GodFather but keep holding to limited sanskars and hence you get disturbed by your own sanskars.

The second reason for waste thoughts, is the routine of your day. Instead of being cooperative in thoughts, words and actions, you create mistakes. Check if you are not spoiling the spiritual code of conduct by your waste thoughts, words, actions and by coming into relationships.

Because you don’t follow the spiritual code of conduct, the waste gets mixed into your thoughts.

So, check yourself properly to become free from waste thoughts.

Throughout the day,check if you have good wishes- pure thoughts. You must have pure thoughts in mind, listen and share knowledge by words and perform actions being a lotus flower and reveal GodFather’s divine features coming into action. You have to make others come close to GodFather by your actions. With these, you will become free from waste thoughts. You will remain a trustee not a common householder.


Those who remain completely virtuous, those who transform waste into pure thoughts, those who follow the direction of GodFather constantly, to them Namaste and remembrance.

By keeping others in front, you automatically accumulate an income. Those who are worshipworthy have all weapons (points of knowledge) with them constantly. Those who don’t have weapons will not be worshipped constantly. So, keep the weapons constantly. If you consider yourself as a householder, then you get influenced by the magic web of obstacles. So, keep the awareness of being worship-worthy constantly.

In any situation, you become content being victorious. You must not become angry by looking at the children of iron age. Since you know, children are born due to impurity, they have to be unstable, creating troubles. If you advice them being yogyukt, they will transform themselves. If they don’t transform, it means they are not able to understand their weakness.

Check if thoughts, words, actions are used for God’s remembrance and His activities. Share points of knowledge with others, prove God’s presence by your actions.

If you remain busy constantly in remembrance and service, Maya – obstacles cannot come to you. If you forget awareness, you open the gate for maya. If you have the awareness of remembrance and service, it is a double lock and hence Maya cannot approach.

Even if either remembrance or service is lacking, you cannot remain safe. So by both remembrance and service, you can remain happy and content.

Do you see yourself as a soul who follows every step by God’s direction? The instrument to identify God’s direction or mind’s direction, is you cannot remain discontent or disturbed or unhappy if you follow God’s direction.

If you follow good actions, you will become happy naturally, from within and by this you can understand if you are following God’s direction or mind’s direction. Those who follow God’s direction, they will remain light and happy. By this thermometer you can check for yourself.

When you are disturbed, even if there is slight difference in happiness, certainly there is something wrong in following God’s direction.

If you don’t check and change, you cannot remain happy or make others happy. If you have the power of tolerance, the intellect remains clear and so you can check yourself easily.


Blessing:  May you be a liberated soul who finishes the web of weak thoughts and becomes liberated from the bondage of dependency!  

Any bondage of dependency is a web of the waste thoughts of your own mind. This web is in the form of questions. When the question arises, "I don't know what is going to happen. Perhaps it would be like this", then it becomes like a web. However, confluence-aged souls have only one powerful thought: Whatever happens will be beneficial, elevated and the best of all. Finish the web with this powerful thought and you will become free from bondage and a liberated soul.

Slogan:  The practical form of a gyani and yogi soul is humility and fearlessness.

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