Wednesday, 11 December 2013

You control physical organs,handle others when you are free from attachment with control over mind.

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Sweet Children,

People sacrifice themselves for God by intellect and perform all actions.

In human world tree, there are sections of various religions, only GodFather explains this to you, none other.

GodFather never takes births but appears on earth.God lives in the Soul world which is beyond physical or subtle world.

There are great soul, charitable soul, sinful soul and God is known as the Supreme Soul.

No one other than GodFather knows how people of golden age attained their elevated status.

The world cycle is only of 5000 years not millions of years.

Children, get rid of lust and become virtuous-pure to go to golden age.

In place of God, people have mentioned name of Sri Krishna, in Bhagwad Gita.

Religious followers and Saints cannot make you belong to golden age but God alone. They make you like themselves.

After great Mahabharat war, there will be drums of victory after the destruction.

People cry during death and become happy during birth, in this earth of hell. Here you have to become free from all types of attachment, to do service.

I constantly remain free from all attachment, I am not a householder.

Now, I give you inheritance of heaven for 21 births.

This world is a sea of poison at this time, completely vicious in nature.Golden age is known as the sea of nectar.

People say God is omnipresent and present within, but God cannot be within because people remain vicious.

You have received the inheritance of God unlimited times, in unlimited world cycles.

In golden age, only happiness exist and in iron age, only sorrow exists all the time.

Although God asks you to make a good effort, only what happened in every world cycle would happen.

Your intoxication of spirituality should not come down when you look at the face of people of the world (body and bodily relations).

I come in every world cycle and explain about  Me and world cycle.

You remain a master when you are free from attachment.  Those are free from attachment does unlimited service not limited to one place.

Become soul conscious, get rid of body conscious to attain elevated status.

Share your spiritual experience with everyone.


Blessing: May you have a right to self-sovereignty and control and discipline your physical organs with your subtle powers.

First of all, check the result of your subtle powers. Those who have total control over their mind, intellect and sanskars are said to be self-sovereigns, masters of the self. These subtle powers are able to control and discipline the physical organs. Those who are able to handle their subtle powers are also able to handle others. Controlling power and ruling power over the self becomes accurate handling power of others.

Slogan: Those who have the GodFather with a thousand arms with them can never be disheartened.

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