Saturday, 14 December 2013

Know yourself as a detached being (from all that is physical) like God and remain happy doing all actions.

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15-12-2013 (Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   23/02/97)

 Essence: Keep your Companion with you, be seated on the throne of a detached observer and remain happy.

You children remain happy constantly, by your features, you give happiness to every soul.

There is no one more happy like you children, in this complete world cycle.

Maya-obstacles seem to be very difficult but in fact it is not that difficult, you just have to identify them from a distance, your own different weakness take different forms of maya.

Whatever happens, however situation may be, you must not lose your happiness.

Be determined and constantly remain happy, stable, being a detached observer. You lose happiness when you come down from being a detached observer.

When GodFather is your Companion constantly, you remain a detached observer constantly.

In this world play, you children get much involved (not being detached) that you forget that God is your Companion, then GodFather becomes a detached observer, observing the game of children. Don’t forget the Companion.

You children have to become King of all kings, don’t leave the seat of being a detached observer.

Dont make various effort, but make only one effort of being a detached observer remaining in the seat of happiness.

If King remain serious all the time, people may not like it. You have to remain happy and detached coming into all relationships. The soul who is detached never gets influenced by the maya-difficulties.

You must never get surprised by others actions, but your own. If you remain in the seat of detached observer constantly, then you will rule the kingdom of golden age constantly.

The sanskar of royalty has to be developed from now, for future.

Transformation of the world will happen suddenly.  Be alert in all situations.  During the test paper at the end, Principal or teacher will not come for help. (So, make the effort now itself).

Never carry the burdens, give it to GodFather. For GodFather, burden is not at all difficult to handle. Why do you feel tired carrying the burden? you carry the burden when you don’t feel the company of GodFather.

I am doing, I have done it, by saying this, you carry burden and become tired. When GodFather is your companion, you keep dancing, being happy.

The job whatever you do is also spiritual service, wherever you go, you have the intoxication to open new centre.

Become bodiless in a second applying full stop. (keep practicing this throughout the day).

Those who remain detached, happy, light, those who liberate suffering of souls by the might, those who remain loving, peaceful, to them Namaste by the spiritual GodFather.


Blessing:  May you be a knowledgeable soul and with your stage of being ignorant of the knowledge of desire become a master bestower!

Those who are knowledgeable souls, that is, those who are wise, receive everything without asking for anything. There is no need for them to ask for anything. When you automatically have all attainments, no thought of asking for anything can then arise. Such children become ignorant of the knowledge of desire. From being those who ask for something, such knowledgeable souls become master bestowers, children of the Bestower. Their asking for something finishes and they receive such huge self-respect that there is no desire for any name, fame or honor.

Slogan:  Those who rule fully over their mind, intellect and sanskars can become those with a right to self sovereignty.

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