Sunday, 22 December 2013

Imbibe yoga(awareness of self and God),knowledge and character free from evil spirits of lust,anger,greed,attachment and ego.

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Sweet Children,

Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather neither have a subtle body nor a physical body. Deities have subtle body  and Supreme GodFather has a very subtle (point of light) causal body.

When you remember Supreme GodFather, you also become soul (point of light) conscious.

The intellect exists in soul. Soul understands Supreme GodFather through the intellect.

GodFather is the Supreme Teacher, Knowledge-full. He explains through the body of Adam-Brahma.

You children must have yoga (awareness of self and God), knowledge and good features (character) where there are no evil spirits of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.

You children are the ones who drive away all types of ghosts from within.

When the spirits wander, they are known as evil spirits.

It is God who drives away all spirits of attachment, ego...from you children.

You children must explain about the history and geography of India-Bharat to others.

People must know about the God -  Director, Creator of this world drama.

The heaven – golden age is being established through Adam and Eve in an incognito way at this time.

Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather is the Highest on high, everyone will come to Him at the end. Now, only you children know about Him.

There are many children in whom there are spirits of lust, anger,attachment. If one side you remain strong, you can remain stable – unshakeable. Either man or wife remains determined, then you will not be affected by the storm of maya-vices.

If you remain honest in every step, then you will become master of the pure world.

Explain others; what is their relationship with GodFather. If God has spoken Gita, He must have appeared on earth at some point of time.

Eve-Saraswati is known as goddess of knowledge at this confluence age. She becomes queen of golden age. GodFather is the Ocean of knowledge.

You children are the rivers of knowledge appeared through the Ocean of knowledge, God.

By saying God is omnipresent, you never attain anything. At this time, you receive the power of knowledge, you have stopped wandering - like in devotion.

God says: Children, become soul conscious. Make your future more elevated, to attain elevated status in every world cycle.

Baba knows, children are affected by the storm of maya-vices, you will get guidance if you share your difficulties.

God explains about the GodFather and the inheritance (of heaven) in a very simple way.

Those who study well, teach others and make spiritual effort, attain a very elevated status.

Consider yourself as a soul and remember the Supreme GodFather to become pure-virtuous to rule the kingdom of virtuous golden age.

Check yourself, what status you would attain in golden age by your spiritual effort.

After this iron age, golden age-heaven will appear certainly. You will become the master of New world where there will be purity, peace and happiness, you must have lot of intoxication.

Every soul plays their role according to the recording what they have in them. At the end, the result will be known about individual’s spiritual effort.

It is said, soul leaves one body and takes another according to the actions they have performed. This is a predestined world drama. You have to be more careful about your actions.

The mantra of manmanabhav (rest your mind on God alone) has been given to make elevated spiritual effort. Certainly God gives only accurate knowledge, then everything depends upon how much you imbibe divine virtues.
Children with loving intellect understand God is teaching. It is the soul who listens to the knowledge but maya-vices create obstacles. You overcome the obstacles with attention, to receive the prize.


Blessing: May you have elevated fortune and fly with your wings of zeal and enthusiasm on the basis of your courage!

No matter what happens, never lose courage. Seeing the weaknesses of others, do not become disheartened yourself. Never have the thought: I don't know if the same will perhaps happen to me as well. Fortunate souls never come down under any influence or attraction of anyone. Because of constantly flying with zeal and enthusiasm, they remain safe. To think of the past and of weaknesses and to look back means to let Ravan come.

Slogan: To give regard to everyone's advice is to receive regard. Those who give regard can never insult anyone.

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