Friday, 20 December 2013

Those who are great donors through their minds can never be influenced by their thoughts.

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Sweet Children,

GodFather comes to give liberation to everyone in life.

There is praise of liberation in life in just a second. King Janak became anu Janak,liberated in life just in a second.

You children give the mantra of liberation in life to souls of the world.

The True Guide, the most elevated is only one God, makes you most elevated guru, one who speaks versions of True Gita. You explain about GodFather to others.

You urge souls to make a promise, to remain pure-virtuous like a lotus flower.

The most important is to remain pure-virtuous, lead a life like a lotus flower.

Only children who remain pure-virtuous attain elevated status.

God is the One who gives liberation in life. There was pure household in golden age, now it is impure household.

For half a world cycle, the world remains vicious and other half it remains virtuous.

You explain about God, the creator of golden age – heaven and about the kingdom of God and Ravan.

God is not omnipresent, vices becomes omnipresent at this iron age. The souls of deities-virtuous human beings get separated from God (in soul world) and appear on earth, to take 84births. Other souls come later to take up to minimum 1 birth.

The whole world cycle is based on India-Bharat. God is the One incorporeal Supreme soul. Every soul has eternal role recorded in it.

When the line of intellect is clear, you can churn knowledge amongst yourself.

The shastr (religion) is mainly of four. In Bharat, Gita is known as the mother of all scriptures. God speaks the Gita, teaches RajaYoga. Then comes Islam, Buddhism and Christianism.

Various scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads never belong to any religion but written by Sage Ved Vyas.

God says, become bodiless  (soul conscious) and remember Me alone. Only GodFather can say this, it is mentioned in Gita. God wants followers of all religions to remember Him leaving body (seeing self and others as souls) and bodily religions.

Souls receive liberation in life (golden age) via soul world (the world of liberation).

You Children must have lot of intoxication, The new creations are God, Adam-Brahma and Eve-Mamma, at this confluence age.

The destruction never happens completely. There are varieties of souls like most elevated, pure, vicious.

People of the world must make a fast effort, the bondages of copper and iron age are to be removed, it takes time. Now, it is the time to become virtuous.

This confluence diamond age is more beneficial than satyug-golden age. Only in confluence age, souls become virtuous-diamond like.

This is the study centre to transform human beings into deities. This study is the source of income, you children must have unlimited happiness (supersensuous happiness).

Teacher teaches you till the end. You children must share your spiritual experience with others. You should not come under the influence of maya which creates misunderstanding amongst yourselves.


Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority and with realisation (real eyes – divine intellect), become powerful from being weak!

The humanity of human life is based on the soul: what type of a soul I am, what I am. If you realise this, you can then remain stable in peace, your original religion. "I am an elevated soul, I am a child of the Almighty Authority", this realisation will make you powerful from weak. Such powerful souls or master almighty authority souls can do what they want, in whichever way they want in a practical way.

Slogan: Those who are great donors through their minds can never be influenced by their thoughts.

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