Monday, 16 December 2013

Storms may come to everyone, but you must not do any sinful actions by the sense organs.

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Sweet Children,

People undergo suffering by following the direction of vices. No one knows how they have become vicious in nature.

Once again, I make you King of kings, only I can explain you about your past, present and future, none else.

The One GodFather who spoke Gita teaches you Rajayoga once again in this world cycle.

It is mentioned in the Gita that once again the vicious world transforms to virtuous world. All religious followers will come back once again, including Sri Krishna.

Every soul has their role recorded in it. No one has similar role.

Only at the end, you become soul conscious with clear intellect.

You  get obstacles in this spiritual effort, maya is famous in making you vicious, God makes you virtuous-pure.

Maya-obstacles never exist in golden age.

In a world cycle, 2500 years remain a day-virtuous and 2500 years remain a night – vicious with darkness of ignorance.

You attain elevated status in golden age with this study. You must explain others about GodFather.

The intellect of the soul never knows about GodFather, it is the responsibility of soul to know about the soul and God.

Now, GodFather appears on earth and teaches you Rajayoga through Adam-Brahma.

Like souls of dead appear in someone’s body, every human being has soul in their body to perform actions.

You children have become divine clan in practical and hence you must remember GodFather constantly.

It is GodFather who comes and establishes heaven-golden age and teaches you RajaYoga.

God adopts Adam-Brahma like you adopt a wife and creates you children with spiritual knowledge.

The lust is the greatest enemy, you must win over the lust being a householder. Storm may come to everyone, but you must not do any sinful actions by the senses.

The deities-virtuous human beings of golden age never know about the world cycle, otherwise, they cannot have the intoxication of kingdom.

There is vicious world and virtuous world.  Vices never exist in golden and silver ages.

Souls undergo the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. Those who don’t follow the direction of GodFather are tamo in nature.

You must show the proof of service, being a guide. God appears as Guide to take all souls back Home (soul world) at the retirement age.

The most important is who is the God of the Gita. It is God who establishes kingdom of golden age once again, not any religious founder.

Those who follow the Godly directions can understand this knowledge very well to share with others.


Blessing: May you be a powerful soul who attains a right to powers by being an embodiment of the awareness "My Baba".

As soon as you have the awareness of the previous cycle, you children say "You are mine" and the Father says "You are Mine". With the awareness of the consciousness of "mine" you found a new life and a new world and you became stable in being an embodiment of the awareness of "My Baba". With the return of this awareness, you have become an embodiment of power. To the extent that you maintain this awareness, you accordingly claim a right to the powers. Where there is awareness, there is also power. If there is the slightest forgetfulness, there is then waste. Therefore, be a constant embodiment of awareness and so an embodiment of power.

Slogan: As well as being a hard worker, also be hard (strong) in your stage.

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