Tuesday, 24 December 2013

To fulfil God's-Baba's dream to create a world of Universal spiritual values, need support of your little finger

Baba's only task is to create a world with people who lead a virtuous life.

And our future lies on our children and the ones who are going to rule the world are our educated youths who come out of universities and educational institutions.

If we are able to impart the spiritual values to our children and youths, then naturally the world they are going to rule will be a virtuous world.

Because it was considered that every individual has to be independent in selecting their religion, religious study was not part of our curriculum, as it is mentioned in our Indian Constitution.

But Universal spiritual values can very well become part of our curriculum and there are already steps taken through the National policy on education to impart spiritual values in education, also mentioned in the Annual report of 2013 issued by ministry of HRD.

Still, we need a systematic approach in making Universal spiritual values education mandatory like it is mandatory to learn language, history, geography, science, maths and knowledge of various fields.

Since it is the Baba's wish and it is Baba who wants people to become virtuous, by implementing this Universal spiritual value system in schools, colleges, universities and Educational institutions, Baba and His intention will be revealed to the world by making Bharat-India as an example in developing a corruption free, vices-free, virtuous States and Citizens.

But for this we have to make a plan on:
1. How to make the amendment in our constitution
2. Whom to approach
3. Do we have to prepare any BILL for submission?

Some thoughts have been shared here in the following links:


I would like to know by your email (with contact details) who all can support physically, morally and intellectually in this Baba's task, so that the list of supporters with their contact details can be sent to the Individual or Institution or organization who may look for support to bring Baba's dream a reality.

Also please send us your views and ideas on how to implement this, to email address : ashish@soulchemy.org

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