Thursday, 5 December 2013

God remains beyond happiness and sorrow (and so we children, being blissful)

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Sweet Children,

Children must have happiness listening about GodFather. People of the world do not know about GodFather but you children. You know that your days of happiness have arrived.

Adam-Brahma is the father of human kind. There is also Vishnu (King and queen of golden age) and Shankar (who carries out final destruction, lives in subtle world). All three are also children of GodFather.

God creates heaven on earth and explain about world cycle through Adam-Brahma. All souls belong to One GodFather.

God teaches easy Rajayoga to you children.

You receive inheritance of happiness for Golden and silver ages, from GodFather.

The whole world is vicious at this time and it is God who makes it virtuous.

You receive the kingdom of heaven-golden age by the power of yoga (remembrance of God).

In fact all souls-children belong to Adam-Brahma and GodFather.

Sri Krishna is not God, he takes complete 84births in every world cycle. GodFather comes and makes all souls pure-virtuous including Sri Krishna, makes souls eligible to rule the Sun and Moon dynasty.

At the end, by the great (mahabharat-world) war, all souls will go back home like swarm of mosquitoes.

Those who remain pure-virtuous can benefit everyone for 21births with their divine intellect and sharing God’s knowledge.

In golden age, people live a very long life by this RajaYoga (practiced now in confluence age). Untimely death never exists there.

You have to remain in remembrance of GodFather and have unlimited renunciation by the intellect, being a soul forgetting-not influenced by body and bodily relations.

Now, you are known as shivshakthi and pandav sena benefitting the Bharat-whole world.

By remembrance of God, your sins are removed, you become completely pure-virtuous to marry the king and queen of golden age.

GodFather appears on vicious earth from the world beyond, to make the souls and elements virtuous.

Your eyes reveal the sweet silence home and the world of happiness to others.

Now, it is the retirement stage for all souls of the world, and everyone has the birthright to receive inheritance from GodFather.

Only when you forget the old world and remember the new world, you will attain elevated status at the end.

You explain about the role of God, deities – virtuous human beings and world cycle to the people of the world.

When people listen to this knowledge, they experience happiness, love of God.

The soul becomes worthy in remembrance of God, it is the soul which becomes virtuous and vicious, it never remains stainless.

God gives you the prize-heaven  of golden and silver ages for 21births.

God remains beyond happiness and sorrow, Adam-Brahma receives the full prize by complete renunciation.

GodFather benefit all souls and gives only happiness to souls.

You go to golden age via soul world (world of silence).


Blessing:  May you be a conqueror of Maya who remains constantly busy and accumulate an income of multimillions at every step.

You children have belonged to GodFather to remain constantly busy, for only those who remain busy are the greatest businessmen who accumulate an income of multimillions at every step. Throughout the whole cycle, no one else can do such business and Maya cannot come to those who remain constantly busy because they don’t have the time to receive Maya. Constantly maintain the spiritual intoxication that you have multimillions at your every step, but to the extent that you have this intoxication accordingly remain humble.

Slogan:  Surrender your service to the Father and success is guaranteed.

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