Thursday, 12 December 2013

finish all religion-sanskar-relations of body to consider self&others as souls and remember the GodFather.

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Sweet Children,

You children are in front of the Innocent Lord at this time.

The Innocent Lord makes you Trikaldarshi by explaining about the world cycle, gives you the kingdom of heaven - golden and silver ages for 21births.

I take all old sanskars including body consciousness from you when you surrender completely (sacrifice yourself completely by the intellect).

Now, the darkness of maya has made the whole world, five elements and every soul vicious. You attain kingdom by Rajayoga in golden age.

I come at the end of world cycle.

Devotees are fulfilled of their varieties of wishes like divine visions, needs, by God alone.

People of the world never know that God has appeared on earth at this time (end of iron age) to teach RajaYoga, to create the golden age.

Children, you have to just remember Me-GodFather in silence, this is the great mantra to earn a lot of income. You win over maya-mind with this great mantra, to rule the world.

You have to get rid of all bodily religions and remember Me alone being soul conscious, to benefit yourself.

Those who remain in remembrance of God and imbibe divine virtues, they explain knowledge very well. Tell everyone to remain like a lotus flower, pure-virtuous and carry out household works.

You attain a very elevated status by the pyre of knowledge, not by the pyre of lust.

God had to come on earth to create the New World.

The Supreme Soul comes only in confluence age to give inheritance of heaven and teaches Rajayog.

Consider yourself as a soul and remember that you must return back Home to the GodFather.

Soul has name and form. In Rajayoga, you must forget the body and bodily relations to become soul conscious.
By this Rajayoga, you become king of kings. You remain in silence, beyond body conscious and remember the GodFather.

The good and bad sanskars are present in the soul, it never remains stain free. Soul takes rebirths, it is like a star, present at the middle of eyebrow.

It is the soul who speaks, it has the roles-sanskars of 84births – not 84 milllions of births, recorded in it.

You become pure-virtuous in nature to become deities of golden age.

Now, you have to renounce all religion of bodies and consider yourself as a soul to remember the GodFather. You must remain like a lotus flower being a householder, to get rid of sins.

Soul is present in every human being and Father of all soul is Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather.

You must have lot of intoxication to churn and share the points of knowledge with others.

When there is form for soul, Supreme soul also has a form, who lives in paramdham (soul world).

You become the master of the world. At the end, the one true religion will be established.


Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who becomes a support for everyone instead of stepping away from anyone.

You are the elevated souls who come into connection and relationship with Father Adam-Brahma and the divine family throughout the cycle. You are not those who step away, but are the world benefactors who become supports for the world. You cannot come out of the imperishable thread of love of the family. Therefore, do not have any thoughts of making your stage elevated by stepping away from any situation, any place, any service or any service companion. If you create this habit, you will not be able to survive anywhere.

Slogan: Instead of speaking about the suffering of karma, speak of your stage of karma yoga.

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