Monday, 9 December 2013

People of golden age never know about GodFather-Creator and world cycle-creations.

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Sweet Children,

GodFather does not have a body like you souls. Even souls appear on earth to play their roles. I am the most obedient,I don’t have feet for you to wash them like in devotion.

I am the ocean of knowledge, I respect you children saying Namaste because I am the most obedient servant for you children.

GodFather knows that maya creates obstacles to you children and hence I appear on earth to relieve children from maya-body consciousness. I am the only Benefactor, none else.

When Saints make effort for themselves, how can they give liberation and liberation in life for souls?

GodFather appears only once in every world cycle. You souls know about GodFather only through Me.

The heaven and hell exist only in Bharat – India. Only GodFather explains you this truth.

Even you souls are worshipped along with GodFather because you children co-operate with GodFather to establish heaven.

You children become ever-healthy by the power of yoga-remembrance of GodFather. But number one enemy is body consciousness. It takes a great effort to remain in constant remembrance.

You rule the kingdom for 21births by remembrance of GodFather and the inheritance of golden age.

The happiness of golden age is unlimited. Along with the GodFather,golden age is also praised in an unlimited way. No one falls ill in golden age. You make promise to remain pure-virtuous to go to heaven free from the influence of maya-vices.

The scenes of destruction is very horrible, you have to receive the inheritance of heaven before those scene arrives.

Once again,God transforms human beings into deities-virtuous human beings with divine intellect.

The more you remember GodFather, that much your sins will be removed.

You are the spiritual social worker. You serve Bharat to serve the world.

Sri Krishna is the first prince of heaven.

When you remember GodFather, you will also remember the deities of subtle world naturally. You also have to remember the world cycle.

Hey soul! remember Me to come back to Me. You have been away from Me for a very long time.

Adam-Brahma is the father of humankind and God is the father of all souls.

People of golden age never have the knowledge about GodFather-Creator and world cycle-creations.

You children – souls belong to the most beloved sweetest GodFather. You don’t desert such a God, to receive the elevated status in golden age.


Blessing: May you be a great and powerful soul who achieves success in every task through your courage and enthusiasm.

On the path of devotion, it is said: Courage and enthusiasm are able to change dust into wealth. If you have courage and enthusiasm, others will then co-operate with you. If you lack wealth, your enthusiasm will enable you to draw wealth from somewhere or other; it will also draw success to you. The duty of those who are great instrumental souls is to have enthusiasm and also to inspire enthusiasm in others. It is because you have such enthusiasm at this time that the non-living images are portrayed with constantly smiling and powerful faces.

Slogan: A fortunate soul is one who has the canopy of protection of BapDada’s (GodFather’s) love.

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