Wednesday, 4 December 2013

By awareness of God,purity-soul conscious,with unlimited refined intellect you share knowledge very well.

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Sweet Children,

There is difference of day and night between devotion and knowledge. In devotion, you experience sorrow and by knowledge there is happiness.

Devotees call out for GodFather to give happiness.

The greatest mistake is, children forget about GodFather through whom happiness is experienced.

Every soul takes rebirth in hell (on earth), during iron age.

Now, GodFather establishes the elevated deity (virtuous human beings) religion at this time.

The ancient religion (dharam) of Bharat is Adi sanatan devi devta sat dharam. You belong to the deity religion, the mother of all religions.

Now, God explains to Arjun – Brahma (Adam) by appearing in his body, at this time.

There are also three main deities in subtle world to create, sustain and cause destruction.

All souls transform from vicious to virtuous at this time.

I come at the end of every world cycle to transform vicious world into virtuous world.

Knowledge-full bodiless GodFather appears in the body of Adam-Brahma to speak knowledge and establish deity religion.
God is the Ocean of peace, knowledge and happiness. Hence, He had to appear on earth to establish peace on earth.

You become elevated by following the direction of elevated GodFather. You remain pure-virtuous, to receive inheritance for 21births, to go into the pure world.

You are also grand children of GodFather and children of Adam-Brahma.

Every religion has different roles to play, the most powerful religion of deities is established by the Almighty GodFather Himself.

Those who are knowledge-full remain a yogi and they can explain knowledge with lot of authority. Those who don’t have yoga (remembrance of God) cannot be a yogi due to body conscious. You have to transform the vicious stone-like intellect to virtuous diamond-like.

With the unlimited intellect, you can explain knowledge very well. Everything depends upon intellect. You have to interact with very royal manners, those who are refined remain royal and never perform actions that bring defamation.

Now, you children are in the presence of GodFather, in the most elevated gathering.

Now, you receive your birthright from GodFather at this confluence age, to attain inheritance of Sun and Moon dynasty.

You must always remain happy with lot of intoxication, there is no one more fortunate and happy than you children. You belong to the GodFather at this time.

You explain to others based on your understanding of this knowledge, to bring heaven on earth.

Achcha. Namaste to the lost and newly found spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be filled with good wishes and pure feelings and remain content and make everyone content constantly.

Child of GodFather means one who remains constantly content and makes others content. Therefore, no matter what happens or how much someone tries to make you fluctuate, if you remain aware that you have to stay content and make others content, you will never get angry. If someone repeatedly makes a mistake, do not become angry to transform that person, but become merciful and have a vision of good wishes and pure feelings. That person will then easily be transformed.

Slogan:  Experience God’s love and no obstruction will prevent you from doing anything.

Message from Dadi Gulzar 05.12.13:

With love, you remain together even in golden age.

You remain free from obstacles and make others free from obstacles.

May you have a stable stage constantly.

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