Sunday, 15 December 2013

Those who remain stable in the point form (unlimited) and egoless stage are living lamps.

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Sweet Children,

In the world, there is praise for devotion. Now, there is praise for God.

In devotion, there is nothing of happiness but here.

When people leave the body, soul never goes to heaven.

People don’t cry in golden age since suffering never exists there.

Calling God omnipresent is a great mistake. God is the Benefactor, He benefits all souls of the world.

Manmanabhav - Rest your mind on God to benefit yourself.

In golden age, even animals remain very loving towards each other.

You receive the highest inheritance from God through the God’s elevated direction.

God transforms the devilish clan to divine clan for the golden age.

Deities-virtuous human beings of golden age attain elevated status by following elevated direction of God at this time.

You must introduce the One God to know about the Creator and Creations, and explain about the world cycle to others.

The Himalayas, Earth, sea and sky exist forever, the existence period cannot be calculated for them.

Religious founders establish religions and followers appear after them from soul world. God also establishes One religion and along with that makes you worthy to rule the kingdom.

At this time, the souls and five elements have become impure and God makes them pure.

The spiritual effort you make every second, is repeated in every world cycle.

God had made you see the visions of future,destruction will take place and peace will happen at the end.

Now, people find difficult for food, shelter unlike golden age.

I appear amongst you children and teach you RajaYoga.

People know GodFather but don’t know about His role.

God is the Creator, comes and explains you about the world cycle and teaches RajaYoga.

One who benefits the world, will become the master of the golden age.

By remembering Me, you will become pure-virtuous free from all stains, to go to golden age.

Body consciousness makes you dirty, you have to become soul consciousness and do all actions including taking care of family.

You souls are children of God, you must not defame either yourself or GodFather. By the pyre of lust, you get spoiled. You must not have even have the trace of any vicious thought. Never fall in the ocean of poison from the nectar of knowledge.


Blessing:  May you be full of the treasure of happiness and with your cheerful face be loved by God !

BapDada gave each of you the biggest treasure of happiness as soon as you took your spiritual birth. This is the gift of the spiritual birth. BapDada wishes to see the face of every child happy. A constantly cheerful face is loved by God and everyone also likes that type of face. In order to remain constantly happy, continue to sing the song: I have attained that which I wanted to attain. What else remains? Speak with intoxication: If I don’t remain happy, then who will?

Slogan: Those who remain stable in the incorporeal and egoless stage and brighten the world are living lamps.

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