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Do not beat or hurt kids,they are like Mahatmas.Control them by tying to a rope or by not giving food.

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Sweet Children,

You children follow the path-direction of GodFather.

You remember GodFather not Sri Krishna. You know that you will become Prince Princess of golden age.

Sri Krishna lives in golden age.

Gita spoken by GodFather is not the scripture of Bharat alone but of the whole world.

God is the most elevated who makes you souls most elevated. Sri Krishna and deities live in golden age.

You receive the knowledge from the most elevated Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather.

After GodFather, there are deities of subtle world who are elevated.

GodFather is the Creator, infact God establishes golden age through Adam-Brahma.

You children belong to Godly family. In iron age, people are vicious, give births to many children. In golden age, each family will have only one boy and one girl.

You become happy listening to knowledge and lose the happiness by going out. You become trikaldarshi by this knowledge.

Deities-virtuous human beings of golden age are not trikaldarshi.

If there are obstacles, if there is illness, there is no need to worry about them. Everything happens like it had happened in every world cycle. (The old body and soul experiences sorrow based on karmic bondages).

The soul has become weak to experience sorrow at this iron age. Soul was powerful when it appeared first in golden age.

Bharat-India was wealthy, have become poor, you souls have to become complete Beggar, you have only One GodFather and none else. You must remain in household but like a lotus flower. There is the example of King Janak and Harischandar.

GodFather makes you a trustee, it is mothers who share knowledge with others. World Mother is praised a lot.

You receive wealth of knowledge from the Ocean of knowledge, the most Beloved GodFather. GodFather belongs to all souls of the world. Sri Krishna is the first prince of golden age.

You children will be born as prince and princess of golden age to rule the kingdom of golden age.

GodFather teaches RajaYoga through Adam-Brahma at the end of iron age.

The most important is to remember GodFather and the inheritance of heaven. The most important is purity, to come to Me. You can attain elevated status being at home. Without purity, you cannot have yoga (remembrance of God).

Government wants to control population. GodFather does population control, asks you to remain pure-virtuous.

You never consume alcohol here, you have to be honest with GodFather. If you made any mistake, it has to be revealed to GodFather; the ghost of anger, vice came to me, slapped me.....

You must not beat, become angry with children. Children are like Mahatmas, you can stop giving food. You must not slap or hurt them, and ask for pardon.

Even in judgement day, souls ask for pardon. You must not speak lies. Your wealth is used to transform Bharat-India into heaven.

If people start college, Dharamsala, they get the reward in next birth. You receive inheritance of heaven from GodFather.

If you remember GodFather, you receive happiness in return.

You have to remain in household like a lotus flower. Even if you don’t have anything to offer, imbibe knowledge, do service through body and mind.

First you must take care of your household, children must not experience sorrow.

Achcha...Vande Mataram, Salam Alaikkum.

Blessing:  May you gain victory over all limitations and become a victorious jewel who experiences the karmateet form!  

The main essence of all four subjects in this study is "unlimited". To remain stable in the form of the word "unlimited" is the first and last effort. First of all, from limitations of the body, you stabilize yourself in the unlimited soul conscious form and die alive. Then, in the end, you go beyond all limited relationships and become an angel. Those who gain victory over all limitations and become stable in the unlimited form and who become unlimited servers are the ones who become victorious jewels and experience the final kamateet form.

Slogan:  When you have the intention to change yourself, you will continue to receive success in the gathering.

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