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The most sweet sweet GodFather makes you most sweet.Once again you are becoming sweet in nature.

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Sweet Children,

Are you looking at your features of future (golden age)? You have the aim to become deities-virtuous human beings of golden age.

Now, the Highest on high GodFather is teaching you children.

God is the most Sweetest, you must remember such a sweet GodFather because by remembering GodFather your sins will be removed and by knowledge you attain the kingdom of golden age.

God becomes happy by looking at you children. Everyone is playing their roles in this world drama including GodFather.

You are present with the sweetest GodFather now. It is the soul who looks at each other through the organs of the body.

I have come to make you children more sweet. The deities of golden age remain very sweet in nature.

Even in temples, deities are shown as very sweet. God Shiv (Benefactor) was the Sweetest of the sweetest. Sweetest GodFather is praised a lot. You children also have to become most sweetest.

Now, the most Sweetest GodFather is present with you. There is no one as sweet as GodFather. God is like a mountain of sweetness.

Certainly, you make others like you. You must remember the sweet GodFather and the sweet inheritance of heaven.

Sweet children, consider yourselves as a soul and remember me, then I make a promise, by remembrance all the alloys of sins will be removed. You will become ever healthy. You will receive a sweet body and soul.

You have to follow the GodFather. The most sweet sweet GodFather makes you most sweet. You must always speak only those words that are valuable, you never speak ill of others.

The more you follow the GodFather, others will also follow you children.

God is also your Teacher, keep your chart of remembrance everyday like businessmen do. The more you remember GodFather, that much you will receive unlimited happiness from the GodFather and you will become satopradhan.

You have to see yourself in the mirror (of heart) how much you become virtuous. Now, you children have to become perfect, God has come to make you children perfect. You have to check yourself being honest.

God teaches you everyday the method to drive away the ghost of vices. God gives current to get rid of the weakness of children because you children have to become perfect. God has appeared on earth to make you children perfect.

The more you sing the praise of GodFather, co-operate in His task,that much these ghosts of vices will run away.

So, children, you have to check completely if you had hurt someone by your thoughts, words and actions. When you serve God or others, it means you are serving yourself.

God serves you children by teaching you everyday. You children are the most valuable, you are kept in the Bank safe of God Himself  to become eternal. You win over the death. But you have to make spiritual effort to attain an elevated status.

You children must have lot of happiness, all your desires are fulfilled at this time. If you explain others with soul consciousness, they will understand the knowledge.

The more you become elevated, that much you will come close. Purifier is only one GodFather and hence you have to remember GodFather along with the sweet Home (Soul world) and golden age.

To the extent possible you have to become introverted, you have to become pure-virtuous. Never spread disturbance, remain peaceful, introverted even being at home. Become introverted, finish the ghost of anger, otherwise you cannot remember GodFather.

Don’t allow the intellect to wander, never become extroverted but introverted so that your intellect rest on One God alone. God is more pure and lovely and you children also have to become more lovely like GodFather. Deities are seen as more loving and sweet. So, once again you have to become such lovely.

Never remember about any bodily relations, you must remember GodFather with so much love that tears of love should be flowing. Since God is most pure and lovely, you children also have to remember GodFather with lot of love.

There is no one so sweet and loving like GodFather. You have to check how much you have love for the GodFather who makes you diamond like. You have to become a pure diamond by remembering GodFather. If there is any little flaw, your value will be reduced. You must make yourself most valuable, You must long intensely for God’s remembrance, you must become cool free from all vices.

You receive an unlimited inheritance from GodFather, you children are establishing Godly kingdom at this time. There are varieties of flowers (souls) in this spiritual garden. You become sweet with fragrance according to your spiritual effort number-wise.

Being honest, you have to write down your own weakness, no one has become complete at this time. Body consciousness never allows you to move further in this spiritual effort. You have to imbibe soul consciousness, imbibe divine virtues, become free from all types of flaw by the end.


Blessing:  May you remain free from limited royal desires and become an altruistic server who does the service! 

Father Adam-Brahma gave the proof of remaining free from the bondage of karma and of being detached. Apart from love for service, he had no other bondages. Limited royal desires that arise in service also bind souls with karmic accounts whereas true servers remain free from those karmic accounts. Just as the bondage of the body is really a bondage of the relationship with the body, in the same way, selfish motives in service are also a bondage. Become an altruistic server who is free from that bondage and from royal karmic accounts.

Slogan:  Do not keep your promises in a file, but demonstrate becoming that in the final form.

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