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Aren't you ashamed to say that you,the soul,don't have time to study with the Supreme Soul GodFather?

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Sweet Child,
Children are sitting here. This is a school. This is not a spiritual gathering. It isn't the head of an ashram or a sannyasi who is sitting in front of you. There is no question of fear of the swami becoming upset with you.
This One is the GodFather. Are children at home ever afraid of their father? You eat, drink and play with your father. Do you do that with sannyasis or gurus etc? There, throughout the whole day, you say, "Guruji, guruji!" Here, you don't have to do that.
The Father is the Creator of heaven. No one knows how or from whom this Lakshmi and Narayan claimed the kingdom of heaven. You understand that you were that and that you are once again becoming that.
We don't have any enmity for anyone. We have love for only the one Father.
There is the difference of day and night between knowledge and devotion. You receive happiness through knowledge. The Father tells you such easy knowledge: You were the masters of the world and then you continued to come down.
The Father now says: Simply consider yourself to be a soul. Souls are imperishable. Souls say: O imperishable Father, come and purify us. Liberation and liberation-in-life are both included in that.
It is now the iron age. There were very few human beings in the golden age. There was just the one original eternal deity religion. There was peace and happiness. Here, people continue to wander around searching for peace. They spend so much money on conferences etc. You can write to them: That One is the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Purity and also the Ocean of Prosperity. Everything is received from that One.
In devotion, they have created so many images. They have given the discus to Krishna and shown that he killed Akasur, Bakasur (devils) etc. with that. Was he violent? Then they say that he abducted so-and-so. They have made him doubly violent. It is a wonder. It is a wonder of the intellects of those who have written the scriptures. Then they call that one God Vyas.
The Father now says: Remember Me and imbibe divine virtues. There is nothing else to do. You have to remember Baba (GodFather) with your intellect even while doing your work. You are lovers of Me, the Beloved. I now tell you: Break away from everyone else and connect yourself to Me alone. While eating and drinking, simply instil the habit: "I am a soul", and remember the Father.
The Father is making you so elevated. You don't accept these things worth a few pennies (of remembrance being so simple) and you don't remember Me! You remember your children etc., but you cannot remember Me.
GodFather now says: Sweetest, beloved children, who have met Me again after a cycle, your 84 births are now coming to an end. You now definitely have to become pure in order to go back home. It is because of indulging in vice that you have become very impure. If you don't become pure, you will receive a low status. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father and also remember the cycle of 84 births. This is the discus of self-realisation.
You children now understand that this drama is predestined. The Father comes here every 5000 years. You now have to make effort very well. Why do you chase after wealth? Achcha, even if you earn 1,00,000 or 2,00,000 a month, all of that is to end. Even your children won't remain to use that. There is the greed that your sons, grandsons and great-grandsons would eat from that. It isn't that all of them would take rebirth in the same family. You can't tell where they will take rebirth.
Your intellects say that there will only be the one land of Bharat. The elements will also be new. Souls will be satopradhan. When you were deities in the golden age, you were pure gold. Then, in the silver age, there was a little alloy of silver mixed into souls and that was called the silver age. You continued to come down the ladder. At this time, you are very elevated.
The Father says: I know how much you have had to stumble around. People understand that God will definitely come in one form or another. Sometimes they show Him riding a bull. Could anyone ride a bull? There is so much darkness. So, you children should now tell everyone: The Father has come to give everyone an inheritance. The new world is being established through Adam-Brahma.
Baba always gives the example of the banyan tree. In fact, its foundation is being established once again. No other religion will remain. Bharat is the imperishable land and the imperishable pilgrimage place. It is the Father's birthplace. Baba explains to you sweetest children with so much love. In the form of the Teacher, He teaches you. You children study and go ahead of Me. I do not claim the kingdom. Have you ever invited Me to heaven, saying, "Come here." I send you to heaven. This is such a wonderful play. The Father says: Achcha, children, may you have a long life! I will go and stay in the stage of retirement.
The Father says: There are now calamities over your head. This is why you have to make full effort to become the most elevated human beings at this most auspicious confluence age. Continue to make effort to remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. To the extent that you study, accordingly, you will go into an elevated clan. The Father says: Grind your own ingredients and your intoxication will rise.
Children always receive an inheritance from the Father. In the world outside, only sons receive it whereas daughters are donated (married off). Here, all souls receive an inheritance and that too is an unlimited one. So you have to pay full attention to this. God is teaching you and so you mustn't miss a single day. Some say to Baba: I don't have time. Oh really? Aren't you ashamed to say that you, the soul, don't have time to study with Me? Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be introverted and stay in solitude every now and again while engaged in the activity of service!   
In order to experiment with the power of silence, it is essential to be introverted and stay in solitude. Some children say that they don't have the time to experience the stage of introversion or to be in solitude because the activity of service and activities of the power of words have increased. However, for this, there is no need to take out an hour or half an hour at the same time, but every now and again, take out a little time and your stage will become powerful.

Instead of battling in Spiritual life, celebrate with pleasure and anything difficult will become easy.     

Sweet children,
The spiritual Father explains to you spiritual children.
The main thing is the study and character. This is God's study which no one else can teach. This is the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation, of the world cycle.
The Father Himself came and gave His own introduction.
Heaven is now being established.
There are so few people in Bharat in the golden and silver ages. Then, there is so much growth in the copper and iron ages. There, they have one or two children, whereas here, they have four or five children. Therefore, there would definitely be growth.
The people of Bharat are now called Hindus. In fact, they belonged to the deity religion. None of those of other religions forget their religion. It is the people of Bharat who have forgotten this.
Those who have taken the full 84 births would definitely be the oldest devotees. You can understand how much devotion you have performed. If you have performed less devotion, you will take less knowledge and explain to fewer people. If you have performed a lot of devotion, you will take a lot of knowledge and explain knowledge to many others. If you don't take that much knowledge, you can’t explain that much either. Therefore, you receive less fruit. There is an account.
A child calculated how many births those of Islam will take and how many births Buddhists will take and sent that to the Father. Buddha too was the founder of a religion. There wasn't anyone of the Buddhist religion before him. The Buddha soul entered someone and established the Buddhist religion, and, from one, expansion then took place. He too was a father of people (Prajapita). From one, so much expansion took place.
You have to become kings in the new world. Here, you are in exile. You must not have any interest in anything. "I want to wear good clothes." That too is body consciousness. Whatever you receive is fine. This world is only going to last for a short time.
The One who is teaching you is the One who inspires establishment of the land of immortality and destruction of the land of death. This most auspicious confluence age of yours is very short. It is in this age that the God-Father comes to teach you. Your study begins as soon as He comes. This is why the Father says: Write that the birthday of Shiva is also the birthday of the Gita. People don't know that One. They have mentioned Krishna's name. Now, someone should at least understand this mistake!
You are making a deal with the unlimited Father who is the great Businessman, Magician and Jewel Merchant.
 Through these jewels of knowledge you become those with divine intellect. This too is something to understand.
You have to move completely away from the five vices. The Father has explained that the celebration of Raksha Bandhan also refers to this time. However, people don't understand why a rakhi is tied. They continue to be impure and yet they still have a rakhi tied. Previously, brahmin priests used to tie the rakhis. Now, sisters tie it on their brothers in exchange for a gift (generally money). There is no question of purity there. They make very fashionable rakhis. This Diwali and Dashera etc. are all festivals of the confluence age. The acts that the Father performed then continue on the path of devotion.
The Father tells you the true Gita and makes you into Lakshmi and Narayan. You are now going to go into the first grade. After listening to the story of the true Narayan, you change from an ordinary man into Narayan.
You children now have to awaken the whole world. You need so much power of yoga. It is only with the power of yoga that you establish heaven every world cycle. Establishment takes place with the power of yoga and destruction takes place through physical power.
You were satopradhan and have now become tamopradhan. You once again have to become satopradhan. Everything definitely becomes old from new. What would there not be in the new world? There is nothing in the old world; it is like an empty box. Previously, Bharat was heaven and now, Bharat is hell; there is the difference of day and night.
Remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. Continue to tell this to everyone. Tell them: You were like them (Lakshmi and Narayan) and then, having taken 84 births, you have become that. From satopradhan, you have become tamopradhan and you have to become satopradhan once again.
Souls are never destroyed, but they definitely do have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan once again. Baba continues to explain to you in many different ways. My battery never becomes old. Baba simply says: Consider yourself to be a point, a soul. They say: This one's soul has departed. Therefore, a soul sheds one body and takes another according to his sanskars.
Souls now have to go back home. This too is the drama. The world cycle continues to repeat.
The Father comes to make the impure ones pure.
The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone. You children are going to the golden-aged world of flowers. So why should you have attachment to thorns? For 63 births you have been studying the scriptures of devotion and worshipping; you first worshipped Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather). This is why you built the temple to Somnath. There were temples in the palaces of all the kings; there were so many diamonds and jewels. It was later that they were attacked. They took away so much gold etc. from the one temple. You are becoming the masters of such a wealthy world.
They were wealthy and the masters of the world, but no one knows how long it has been since their kingdom was established. The Father says: It has been 5000 years. They ruled for 2500 years and during the remaining 2500, all the sects and cults continued to grow.
You children should be very happy that the unlimited Father is teaching you. You receive a lot of wealth. They portrayed deities emerging from the ocean with platefuls of jewels. You are now receiving platefuls of jewels of knowledge. The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge.
Those who study well and teach others will definitely become very wealthy. A kingdom is being established; this is fixed in the drama. Only those who study well receive a scholarship. This is the imperishable Godly scholarship, whereas others are perishable.
You children have to become very sweet. Only when you stay in yoga will you become sweet. Only through yoga will there be the pull. Until the rust is removed, no one will be pulled.
This is the drama. The history and geography of the world continue to repeat. You should remember the One who explained this. They call the Father omnipresent, but it is Maya that is omnipresent here.
God is Karankaravanhar. He does everything and also inspires everything to be done. He gives you children directions and He also continues to act Himself. Judge what He can do and what He cannot do while sitting in this body of Adam-Brahma. Baba doesn’t eat; He just takes the fragrance. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness and with your powerful vision and attitude of purity, enable everyone to have all attainments!   
The medicine of science has limited strength to finish all pain and suffering, but the power of purity, that is, the power of silence has the power of blessings. The powerful vision and attitude of purity enables you to have permanent attainment and this is why people ask for blessings from your non-living images: O merciful one, have mercy! It is because you have been master removers of sorrow and bestowers of happiness in the living form that you are worshipped on the path of devotion.

Slogan:  True tapasya and spiritual endeavour according to the closeness of time is unlimited disinterest.     

19/01/14    (Avyakt Murli dated 05/06/77)
Essence: The duty of your alokik life is to make those who are full of vices vice less.
Do you constantly consider yourself to be moving along while co-operating with BapDada and engaged in the task of world transformation with that same deep love? Just as the Father is the Ocean of al l powers and virtues, similarly, do you consider yourself to be full of all these?
Have you developed enough power to transfom  your weak thoughts and sanskars? Unless you are powerful in having the power to transform yourself, you cannot transform the world. So, check how much you have transformed yourself. To what percentage have you transformed your thoughts, words and deeds from lokik to alokik? Transformation means changing the lokik (physical) to alokik(spiritual). Do you experience this power?
When you see something or someone lokik, do you know how to transfom that into something alokik? Do you have the practice of changing your lokik vision, attitude, vibrations and the atmosphere into alokik? Spiritual birth is alokik, and, as you have an alokik birth, alokik father and alokik family, are your deeds also alokik? The special action of Spiritual life is to make the lokik into alokik. Do you pay attention to the deeds of your birth? Just this one effort of changing the lokik into alokik will liberate you from all problems and weaknesses.
From amrit vela until night time, change whatever you see, hear, think or perform from lokik to alokik. This practice is very easy but you need to pay special attention to it. Just as you do all things for the body such as eating, drinking, walking etc. very naturally and easily, so while on the spiritual path, together with those physical activities, you also need to think about food for the soul, progress of the soul, leisure for the soul, seeing and thinking as a soul. If you continue to do all of this, you can then easily experience a life transformed from lokik to a lokik.
You will not be pulled or burdened by your lokik interactions and duties if you fulfil them for the sake of it only. By performing lokik duties as alokik duties, you will experience earning a double income. Your alokik form is a trustee. When you do everything as a trustee, the burden of wondering, "What will happen? How will it happen?", will finish. The alokik form means to be like a lotus flower. No matter how tamoguni (impure) the atmosphere or vibrations may be, you will constantly be like a lotus. While being trapped in that which is lokik, you will experience being detached, that is, beyond all attraction, and constantly loved by the Father. You would not become influenced by being in contact with those who are influenced by Maya and the vices, because you would constantly have the awareness of your alokik task. That task is of liberating souls from their bondages and making souls who are full of vice into those who are vice less, that is, of changing the lokik into alokik. This is the duty of your alokik life. Souls who liberate others from influence cannot be influenced themselves.
The seed of bodily or lokik vision that gives rise to the vices is completely destroyed by the awareness of you all being spiritual brothers, children of the one Father. When the seed is completely destroyed, the tree of expansion of the many different vices is also automatically destroyed.
Even now, many children complain that their vision is mischievous or gets spoilt. Why does this happen? Since the Father has ordered you to see the alokik soul within the physical body, why do you look at the body? If you say that it is just a habit and that you are compelled by it, or that you are influenced by different types of temporary sweetness, it proves that the soul has not yet attained the taste of the experience of the soul and of attaining God. It means that you haven't experienced the vast difference between the taste of attaining God and the taste of the temporary attainment of bodily senses. Use this weapon of knowing this vast difference at the time of being attracted by some temporary sweetness for the ears, lips, eyes or any other physical organ.
You were also told earlier that, just as a snake can finish you off completely, so this bodily attraction, bodily vision or taste for bodily attainments can do the same. All of this is the snake's poison and not something sweet and attractive. What would you say to someone who renounces nectar and is still attracted to poison? Would such a soul be called knowledge-full or a master almighty authority? A soul who is influenced would always be weak and discontented with the self. This is why you have to change the lokik into alokik.
Make the first lesson of soul consciousness strong. Whom would a soul see through his body? The soul would see the soul, not the body. The soul performs actions using his physical organs. Seeing the actions of many souls, you should have the awareness that that soul is performing actions. Have such spiritual vision that whoever you look at, you see them as souls. If you lack this practice, your vision becomes mischievous.
You haven't made the first lesson strong for yourself and yet you have started to teach others! Because of this, there is Jess attention paid to the self and greater attention paid to others. You lack the practice of looking at the self, and, instead of seeing others with alokik vision, you are only able to see their lokik form. You don't see your own weaknesses as much as you see those of others.
To have an alokik attitude means to interact with everyone with good wishes and benevolent feelings. This is known as having an alokik attitude in alokik life. In your alokik life, if, instead of having an alokik attitude, you have a lokik attitude or an attitude of imbibing defects, jealousy and dislike, you are not then able to receive the power of alokik love and the happiness of alokik co-operation from the alokik family. For this reason, you should change your lokik attitude into an alokik attitude.
So, what is the reason for being weak in your efforts? You do not know how to change the lokik into alokik. Have the awareness, even in your lokik relationships, of the alokik relationship of being spiritual brothers and sisters. If any lokik relationship pulls you, that is, if there is the vision of attachment, then the intellect wanders towards the lokik relations instead of the alokik. The reason for this is the lack of awareness or lack of experience of having all eternal relationships with the Father.
Become an embodiment of experience of all relationships with the Father and there won't be any pull to lokik relationships. While doing anything, keep the contrast of lokik and alokik in your awareness and the lokik will also become alokik. You will then stop complaining. What does it prove when you make the same complaint time and again? That you do not have the experience of alokik life. So, now, transform yourselves and become world transformers. Do you understand?
Are you not able to understand such a tiny matter? You have entered into a very big contract. You have taken on a very big contract. You have issued a great challenge to the world. You challenge them that you can give liberation and liberation-in-life in a second, do you not? What do you write in your invitations? Come and claim your inheritance from the Father in a second and also claim your right to liberation and liberation-in-life. So, can those who challenge the world not change their own attitude and vision? Also challenge yourself that you will definitely change, that is, you will definitely be victorious. Achcha.
To those who change their every thought, moment, relationship and connection from lokik to alokik, to those who are embodiments of the experience of alokik Spiritual life to those who, together with world transformation, show the right path to others through self-transformation, to those who are embodiments of experiencing all relationships with the Father and who remain lost in the sweetness of all attainment, to those who constantly stay in the experience of belonging to the one Father and none other, to such embodiments of experience, BapDada 's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada Meeting Groups: What special qualification do trustees have? The special qualification of trustees is to experience being light in every aspect, being double light. A trustee is one who does not have the burden of even the consciousness of the body. If there is the burden of the consciousness of the body, then that (the awareness of being a trustee) is the method to remain beyond this and all other types of burden. Check for how long you remain body conscious. When you belong to the Father, you do so with your mind, body and wealth. You gave everything to the Father, did you not? Once you have given everything, how can it still be yours? Since it doesn't belong to you, how can you have the consciousness of it being yours? If you still have this consciousness, it proves that you have taken back what you had given. You continually play the game of giving something and then taking it back. A trustee is one who does not have any consciousness of "mine". When the consciousness of "mine" finishes, all attachment also finishes. A trustee does not have any bondage. A trustee is a free soul. If you are attracted to anything, it means that you are not a trustee. A trustee means one who is free.
What is the easy way to become free from attachment? Be constantly be aware of your home. In terms of the soul, your home is the supreme abode, and in terms of Spiritual life and the corporeal world, your home is Madhuban, because it is the home of father Adam-Brahma. Remain aware of both these homes and you will become free from attachment.
If you consider something to be your family or your home, you develop attachment, but you won't have attachment when you consider it to be your work. Do not think of those souls as your lokik family, but as souls for you to serve at a particular place of service. All are alokik servers. Some are instruments to serve and others to be served. Lokik relations are also there for you to serve. Do not think, "This is my son", or "This is my daughter." You have those relationships for the sake of service. When the relationship of being a husband, father, uncle etc. is over, you will become a trustee. Awareness becomes forgetfulness when you have the consciousness of "mine". To be a conqueror of attachment is to be an embodiment of remembrance.
Do not wander around unnecessarily either physically or by intellect. Become swadarshanchakradhari (one who spins the discuss of self realization), not pardarshan chakradhari (one who spins the discus of seeing others).
What would happen if a wealthy person behaves like a beggar? Everyone would laugh at him. So, what would everyone say if you do something ordinary instead of something elevated? You children cannot perform any wasteful actions or have wasteful thoughts.
To put everything you have heard into practice is to merge it into yourself. You should check and see how far you have put into practice all that you speak about. What kind of image would you call those who put everything into practice? A practical image, an image that grants visions. You are the images that grant visions, are you not? You grant a vision to yourself as well as granting a vision of the Father through the self. To have a vision of the self is to have a vision of your spiritual form and also to give others visions of themselves. Such images that grant visions are called images in the practical form. Are all of you like this? Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a completely pure soul who experiences a stage of happiness at every second in Spiritual life !   
Purity is said to be the mother of happiness and peace. Any type of impurity makes you experience peacelessness and sorrow. Spiritual life means to be in a stage of happiness at every second. Even if there is a scene of sorrow, where there is the power of purity, there cannot be the experience of sorrow. Pure souls become master bestowers of happiness and transform sorrow into an atmosphere of spiritual happiness.

Slogan: To increase spiritual endeavour while experimenting with the facilities is to have an attitude of unlimited disinterest.   


Essence: Sweet children, become soul conscious and all your negative thoughts will end. You will not fear anything. You will become free from worry.

Question: In what way does the new tree grow and how?
Answer: The new tree grows very slowly, at the speed of a louse. This drama moves like a louse. In the same way, according to the drama, this tree grows slowly because you have to face great opposition from Maya. It takes effort for you children to become soul conscious. You would experience great happiness if you became soul conscious and there would also be expansion in service. Your boat goes across if you remember the Father and the inheritance.

Essence for Dharna:
1. Imbibe the virtue of humility. You should not have the slightest arrogance. You should become such mahavirs that Maya cannot shake you.
2. Give everyone the mantra of manmanabhav that disciplines the mind. Relate knowledge to everyone with a lot of love and patience. Give the Father's message to those of all religions.

Points to Churn: January 17, 2014

Praise of the Father:  The Supreme Father the Supreme Soul...Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather), the Immortal Image is Incorporeal... The incorporeal One is the Truth, the Lord of Immortality...the Ocean of Knowledge...the Purifier... the Bestower of Salvation...
Points of Self Respect:  We, the incorporeal...immortal images...spiritual children...the spiritual army ...with spiritual weapons... mahavirs ... the gopes and gopis experiencing supersensuous joy...become the masters of the world by learning Raj Yoga...
Knowledge:  Firstly, you have to understand the soul. A soul is an immortal image. Death never comes to a soul. Souls have received roles. Therefore, they have to play their role and so, how could death come to a soul? Death can come to the body. The rosary is created of those who are mahavirs (great warriors). Everyone receives salvation when the tree becomes full, when everyone has come down.
Yoga:  The Father now says: Remember Me alone. Become soul conscious and all your negative thoughts will end. You will not fear anything. You will become free from worry. Your boat goes across if you remember the Father and the inheritance. You will go across the ocean of poison.  Remember the Father and your sins will be absolved. The alloy in your soul will be removed. Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.
Dharna:  Renounce your body and all bodily religions and consider yourself to be a soul. Imbibe the virtue of humility. You should not have the slightest arrogance. You should become such mahavirs that Maya cannot shake you.
Service:  Remain free from obstacles and make others the same; this is the proof of real service.  Praise the Father a lot. Give the introduction of the two Fathers.
The means of the power of silence are pure thoughts, pure feelings and the language of the eyes. On the basis of the power of silence, through the language of the eyes, give an experience of the Father. The power of silence is very much greater than any physical means of service. This is the special weapon of the spiritual army and you can make the peaceless world peaceful with this weapon.

Blessing: May you be one with spiritual weapons and make the world peaceful by using the means of the power of silence.
The means of the power of silence are pure thoughts, pure feelings and the language of the eyes. Just as you give the introduction to the Father and His creation through the language of words, in the same way, on the basis of the power of silence, through the language of the eyes, you can give an experience of the Father. The power of silence is very much greater than any physical means of service. This is the special weapon of the spiritual army and you can make the peaceless world peaceful with this weapon.

Slogan: To remain free from obstacles and make others the same is the proof of real service.

Points to Churn: January 18, 2014
You now have to return home and you must therefore, practice going from "talkie" into "movie" and from "movie" into "silence". Since you are to become deities, you have to practice going from "talkie" into "silence". It is better not to say anything than to say useless things. Speaking softly, you will go to the land of silence. The more you stay in silence, the more peace you spread. It is understood that those who remain in silence pay attention to themselves. Experiment with the power of silence and attain easy success.
The injection of knowledge and yoga is given to the soul, not the body. This is not a needle or medicine. Manmanabhav! May you be bodiless! This is the injection. By remaining soul conscious, you will continue to accumulate the inheritance of purity, peace and happiness and all your sorrow will continue to be removed.
You definitely, definitely, have to reform your character and make effort to become introverted. To remain soul conscious is to become truly introverted. You children will remain very, very safe through the pilgrimage of remembrance.  Staying in remembrance is helping the Father because the pilgrimage of remembrance means the pilgrimage of silence, Remember Alpha and you will receive the sovereignty.
You receive blessings from the Father, but, nevertheless, each one of you has to make your own individual effort in how to have a long life. You are having a long life by remembering the Father. You are even more elevated than those deities.
You must never have any ego about service. You have to pay a lot of attention to the company you keep. Always keep the company of flowers. Give this message to whomever you meet. Make each one worthy of doing service.
Instead of thinking about destruction, if all children were to become stable in the one determined thought of completing the task of establishment, then transformation is already guaranteed.
In the beginning, you promised the Father that you would die, you would tolerate everything, you would accept the beatings, you would leave your home but you would definitely always observe the promise of you purity that you made. A gathering of such lionesses became instrumental for the task of establishment and demonstrated that practically. They didn't think about anything, they didn't see anything but they demonstrated it practically. A group of such souls is needed to come on to the field, those who overcome praise and defamation, regard and disregard.

Consider the greatness of sorrow to be the coming of the days of happiness. This is known as being a complete yogi. Someone may come as an enemy, but would return having surrendered himself. This is the praise of the Shaktis. Is the Shakti Army ready in this way?

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