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Check yourself and ask: Why does your happiness decrease as you move along?

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Sweet Children,

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you children. You children have first of all received the Father’s introduction. When a baby is born, he first receives the introduction of his parents. You too you have received the introduction of the Father, the Creator, numberwise, according to the effort you make. You children know that only the Father is the Highest on High, so you also have to tell others His praise.
First of all, explain that He is the Supreme Father, the Teacher and also the Satguru. All three have to be remembered. In fact, you have to remember Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) alone in all three forms. You have to make this firm.
God Himself says: I take the support of this one's (Adam-Brahma’s) body. So, make the first thing firm, that the Father is the Truth. Only the one Father gives you knowledge. When He comes and gives you knowledge, it is then that you can give it to others. It is very easy to give others the Father's introduction. You just have to explain Alpha. That One is the unlimited Father of all souls.
If there isn't knowledge, then that is devotion. There is body consciousness. Only those who are soul conscious would have knowledge. I am a soul, and my Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is the Father, Teacher and Satguru too. There is also Adam - Prajapita Brahma. The Father has told you the occupation of Prajapita Brahma and also of Himself.
People have mixed up Shiva and Shankar and said that both are one. They say that destruction took place when Shankar opened his eye. Destruction will take place through bombs and natural calamities.
This one (Adam-Brahma) is corporeal (vyakt) and that one is subtle (avyakt). When he becomes avyakt, he becomes an angel. There are definitely both places: the incorporeal world and the subtle region. You also go to the subtle region. The Father has explained that Prajapita Brahma who is a human being then becomes an angel. Then, he was also shown the kingdom. He will rule there.
In fact, the four-armed image of Vishnu doesn't really exist. That is a picture of the path of devotion. The Father explains that it is the soul that has to become pure from impure. Souls will become pure and go back to their land. Souls reside in the incorporeal world and become corporeal here. However, there isn't an important story told in the subtle region. Only at this time does the Father explain to you the secrets of the subtle region. So, there are the incorporeal world, the subtle region and then the corporeal world.
God cannot be called omnipresent. He has to carry out the task of making impure ones pure. Therefore, could He do that by entering the pebbles and stones? That is called extreme darkness. This too is fixed in the world drama. The Father comes and explains when there is extreme unrighteousness.
That same unlimited Father is the Creator of heaven. All of us, His children, are brothers. So, we too should definitely have the kingdom of heaven. However, not everyone can receive that. The Father only comes in Bharat and it is only the people of Bharat who become residents of heaven. Others come later.
There is a lot of body consciousness. Baba says: You also have to explain to the prostitutes. They are the ones who have degraded the name of Bharat. The main thing needed here is the power of yoga. Everyone is completely impure and so the pilgrimage of remembrance is needed to become pure. That power of remembrance is slightly lacking at present. Some have knowledge, but they lack remembrance. This is a difficult subject. Only when you pass in this can you uplift those without virtues.
The Father says: Become pure and you will become the masters of the world. The world itself will become Shivalaya. The golden age is called Shivalaya. There is plenty of happiness there. You can also tell them: The Father says: Now make a promise to remain pure. The sword to make such impure ones pure has to be very sharp. Perhaps there is still time for this.
To the extent that you souls stay in yoga, accordingly you become pure. In the golden age, you were satopradhan and so you were very happy. You are now laughing and enjoying yourself at the confluence age. Therefore, now that you have found the unlimited Father, what more do you want? You have to surrender yourself to the Father. Scarcely any wealthy ones emerge. Only poor ones receive this. The drama is created in this way.
The Father explains: Children, you also have to imbibe divine virtues. Your food and drink also have to be good. You should never want to eat something in particular. Those desires arise here. Baba has seen many ashrams of those who are in the stage of retirement. They live there very peacefully. Here, the Father explains all of these unlimited things.
Prostitutes and those without virtues will come and become even cleverer than you. They will sing such first-class songs that your mercury of happiness will rise. Only when you explain to those who have fallen very far down and make them elevated will your name be glorified. They will say: You also make the prostitutes so elevated. They themselves would say: We were shudras, we have now become Children of God and we will then become deities and then warriors.
New children have so much enthusiasm for service. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you become constantly powerful with the faith and intoxication of being one who has a right to self-sovereignty and thereby an easy and constant yogi!   
To have a right to self-sovereignty means that your kingdom is over all of your physical senses. Your physical senses should not deceive you even in your thoughts. If there is the slightest body consciousness, there will easily be aggression or anger. However, those who have a right to self-sovereignty remain constantly egoless and constantly do service with humility. Therefore, become powerful with the faith and intoxication of being a soul who has a right to self-sovereignty and become a conqueror of the world by becoming a conqueror of Maya and you will become an easy and constant yogi.

Slogan:  Become a lighthouse and remain busy spreading light with your mind and intellect and you will not be afraid of anything.     


Essence: The special blessing of the confluence age- the age of charity, is everyone receiving benefit through your ascending stage

According to the time, do you all experience yourselves to be in the ascending stage at every second and in every thought? You all know that this short confluence age is the age where there is the ascending stage. According to the drama, this age, this time, has received the blessing of bringing benefit to everyone through the ascending stage. No other age has received this blessing.
The confluence age is also called the age of charity. That is, the elevated souls who follow the accurate religion and who also perform accurate karma, play parts in this age of charity. The special parts of the authority of religion, the authority of ruling and the authority of science are revealed in this age, that is, only at this time do all souls attain these three authorities. Who are the special actors at this elevated time? Do you consider yourselves to be actors at this elevated time?
The ascending stage depends upon you special souls. It is through your ascending stage that there is benefit for all souls, that is, they are benefited. For a long time, all souls have had the desire to attain liberation. This is only fulfilled through your ascending stage. The basis of all souls attaining liberation is all you souls attaining liberation-in-life. Do you continually consider yourselves to be images of support in this way?
The Bestower who bestows is the Father, but whom has He made into instruments? The inheritance is claimed from the Father, but the Father has also made you children instruments. Do you pay this much attention to yourselves at every step knowing that benefit for all souls depends on you souls? When you have this awareness, carelessness and laziness, which are visible at present in the majority of you in one way or another, will finish.
The Father says that Maya will come, but who are those who are remembered as the conquerors of Maya and the conquerors of the world? If Maya doesn't come, if you haven't faced an enemy, how can you be called victorious? Maya will come, but the Father doesn't say that you have to be defeated. You have to defeat Maya, not be defeated by her. You are the victorious jewels of every cycle.
Have the deep feeling of becoming victorious. Do not deceive yourself by not understanding what it means to make effort because of your limited intellect. The Father's every word is filled with benefit for the three aspects of time of every soul. This is why He is remembered as the World Benefactor. Do not use words of benefit for a task to cause damage yourself. The recognition of this is that by performing such actions, you are not internally content within yourself. You do not experience happiness or power. You experience being empty of the treasures of virtues and powers.
Superficially, because of being body conscious and having arrogance of your own understanding, you try to prove your own understanding to be correct. There is a lot of external show, but it is internal deceit. Externally, it is very showy. As a consequence of such actions, you become instruments for disservice of elevated souls and the souls of the world who do not have knowledge. When you perform such wasteful or sinful actions, firstly, you become dissatisfied with yourself and, secondly, there is disservice of many others. Due to this, instead of having the ascending stage, you come to a standstill.
Check yourself and ask: Why does your happiness decrease as you move along? Why does the zeal and enthusiasm for making intense effort decrease? Why do you stumble over waste thoughts instead of being yogyukt? Why are you not able to settle the bondage of your sanskars and nature? What is the reason for all of that? Do you know the reason? The main reason is that, when you first come to Baba, you work hard on making effort using the methods Baba teaches you. Day and night, you have no concern as to whether tiredness or Maya may prevent you from doing anything. You continue to make very fast progress with the intoxication that you have found the Father and that you have to claim your inheritance and your rights. However, what do you do now? Nowadays, people find it difficult to work hard. They want the salary, but don't want to make the effort. In the same way, you elevated souls become careless or lazy in making effort. Everyone wants to be a maharathi or a mahavir and yet they don't want to make the effort of even the infantry. You want a ready-made stage, but you don't want to create your own stage by making effort. You think that you don't want to be anything less in any aspect and that you should be in the List of maharathis. The real meaning of being a maharathi is to show "the greatness of a maharathi". However, you find it difficult to remain stable in this stage. You take good advantage of the title "co-operative". Due to this, the effort and attention, the awareness of an effort-making life and the power of the Father's company that is needed at every step are not there in a practical way. You don't want to make effort, and yet you want to go across with the Father's help! You remember a lot more the Father's work and you forget what you have to do, and, because of this, you are not able to use the methods that Baba has shown you. You do not know how to use them at the right time.
You ask the Father time and again why you are not able to have yoga. "What can I do when my bondages are not breaking?" Since the revision course and the realisation course are now taking place, has BapDada not told you all of this in the course? Is there still anything left for Baba to tell you? This is the course of the first and second classes (kindergarten). Now churn everything that you have heard. Due to not churning and thereby not becoming powerful, you become weak and you therefore keep stopping. You are not able to experience the ascending stage.
Therefore, always remember that all souls will benefit through the stage of ascent of you instrument souls. Achcha.
To those who accurately understand the Father and every word of His, to those who make themselves and others great by making effort, to those who experience the aim and qualification of the ascending stage at every step, to those who protect themselves from the many different royal forms of Maya, to such conquerors of Maya who are victorious jewels every cycle, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:
Do you constantly have the awareness that you are a victorious jewel who has faith in the intellect? The fruit of faith is victory. While performing any task, if you have full faith in the self, in the Father and in the drama, it would then be impossible for you not to attain victory. If you are defeated, it means you lack faith. If you have doubt in anything, about whether or not something will happen or whether or not you will be successful, then this would not be called having full faith. Thoughts of an intellect filled with faith would be determined, not weak. If you think that you'll do whatever you are meant to, then this too is a doubtful thought. You should not think that whatever is to happen will happen, but you should have the full faith that everything is already accomplished. Before performing that deed, you should have the full faith that it is already accomplished. Do you have such a stage? No matter what type of Maya comes, you must not fluctuate. Someone who has faith in the intellect will face every storm or obstacle as though it is nothing. You have scientific inventions to keep you cool - when it is hot, you will not feel hot. In the same way, when storms of Maya come to those who have faith in the intellect, it would not be a big thing for them. If you have the methods of remaining safe, you will become a conqueror of Maya.
You should be one who has total faith in the intellect in every aspect. Those who have such faith in the intellect constantly observe their own parts as detached observers and do not get disturbed when they see the parts of others. They do not go into the questions of "Why? or What?".

Blessing: May you be a fortunate soul who, constantly performs elevated deeds and sings songs of wonder according to the elevated time!   
At this elevated time, constantly perform elevated deeds and continue to sing songs of "Wah!, Wah!" in your mind. "Wah my elevated actions!" or Wah Baba who taught me how to perform elevated actions!" Constantly sing songs of "Wah!, Wah!". When you see a scene of sorrow even by mistake words of distress should not emerge through your lips. Wah drama! Wah! Wah Baba! Wah! Maintain the intoxication of this fortune that what you never even dreamt of, you received that fortune while sitting at home.

Slogan: Make your mind and intellect powerful and you will remain unshakeable and immovable in any upheaval.   

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